List: new crushes

I’ve been perving out lately, thought I’d keep you updated.

Jesse: the “chubby” trainer from Workout

Nick Simmons: Gene’s Simmons’ son. He’s 6’7″, awkward, 18. in a band, and half-Jew.

Henry Cavill

Ana Faris: I have always liked her, but I just saw her in Just Friends (actually a funny movie) and now I am in love.

Nigel Barker: I totally didn’t know he was straight.

Thursday morning reading

youtube dump

The 2001 short film for BMW, directed by Guy Ritchie and Starring Madonna and Clive Owen.

To the Rescue! I love these fan vids.

The PG-rated version of 300.

Director David O. Russell and Lily Tomlin have a wee disagreement on the set of I Heart Huckabees. What a dick.

THe trailer for 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to…you guessed it. No Cillian Murphy this time, but with one of my favorites, Rose Byrne. I love zombie movies, so I’ll give it a try.

new movie posters

I found a site that has upcoming movie posters and all I can say is wtf? Are these for real? Worst marketing ever. And the movies look like shit too. Based on these, I could make movie posters with Microsoft Paint using clip art and cal myself a graphic designer.


Cleaning out my links. Here’s some Tuesday morning reading.

Rolling Stone’s Rules for the Fair Use of Important Band Names
Biology in Science Fiction: What was the virus that killed the cylons?
This American Life comes to tv
22 TV Opening-Credit Sequences That Fit Their Shows Perfectly
Extras, like the Office, will end after two seasons
The USA swim team and water polo team. See anything you like?
Blonde Redhead discuss new album. It’s frikking awesome.
Panda Bear: Person Pitch: Pitchfork Record Review Of course they give it a high score. How predictable.
Can American Apparel replace the Gap? Remember when the Gap ruled?

Women’s Work: Never Too Nice Armchair feminism
Kate and Leo: together again!
Rolling Stone’s 10 Artists to Watch. Yea, uz RS is really the authority on music these days.
Amy Poehler + Will Arnett. Love them!
A Trainspotting sequel will not be happening.
Run, Jake!

All along the watchtower

Ok, so just a follow up on the finale. If you are interested in the decision to use “All Along the Watchtower” as the signal for cylon identity, read Bear McCreary’s blog entry. He is the composer for the show. Also, here is the Bob Dylan version. Shows how much I know, I thought Jimi Hendrix did the original.

Also, another theory: maybe the song was picked up from a broadcast from earth, and took 40 years to get to the fleet. Therefore, they are 40 light years away from earth.

Another theory: there are no humans, only cylons. Did I just blow your mind?

If you are sick of hearing about bsg, eff off. Let me geek out.

shut up and keep designing pearl necklaces

Ian Thorpe insists he’s not gay. If he were gay, he thinks that’s okay, but he wouldn’t know because he’s not. But being gay is okay, being an gay icon is okay…but remember he is not. It’s like the whole Tyra Banks “If I were fat it would be okay, but I’m actually not, but if I was, it would be ok”. Wow, he is also on the forefront of gender politics: “Guys are just guys, girls are just girls, all of us are different. Some guys are more in touch with their feminine side, interested in design and quirky things, some are blokey blokes”.

Also, Chris Evans’ publicist is no longer allowing him to pose shirtless. Damn.

Battlestar season finale

Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy crap.

Let’s start with the trial. Some more mundane, Grey’s Anatomy-esque writers would have put Baltar on the stand for a heartfelt confession and shown tears and sympathy. I am glad they didn’t do that. Lee’s speech pretty much summed up the past three seasons for me. He actually recognized the scapegoating of everyone else and the inconsistencies of their shady good v. evil moral. Baltar is a scapegoat. Also, kudos to the writers for making Baltar still Baltar- love how Lee and his lawyer made it very clear it wasn’t about Baltar, but about the system. Batar recruited into a zealous religious cult? Noyce. I am excited for that.

Tori and Anders? I totally called it. HOT HOT HOT HOT. And Anders will become a viper pilot? It’s like my fanfic come true.

I am disappointed in Gaeta. For someone who was so quick to blow the whistle on Tigh fixing the election, he had no qualms lying under oath. Douchebag.

Ok, ok. The final five. At first I thought it would be ridiculous to reveal some main characters as cylons, but the fact that the characters acknowledged the flaw was good. Tigh was involved in the first cylon war- unless he was created way before that. The other characters were part of a resisitance against the cylons. Even though their cylon switch was “switched on”, they still maintained their human feelings and understanding of what their duties are. It will make for an interesting plot for all of them to have a pact to not let others find out about them. Also, for them to struggle with the realization and still try to be a loyal member of the fleet. Here are some other thoughts.

  • Maybe they aren’t really cylons. They were all on New Caprica and could have been implanted with some sort of “chip” that made them hear the music and the cylons have been tracking them all along. THe cylons identified the important players in the colonial fleet/resistance and wanted to keep and eye on them.
  • Maybe they aren’t the final cylons, but the fice final cylons are somehow possessing their bodies and using them as hosts. That would explain why Tigh actually has a documented history, and the others are seemingly different ages.
  • Maybe the first five were created, and then decided that they would rather be human and left to joint the human race. But that wouldn’t explain why they were not self-aware.
  • Perhaps “All Along the Watchtower” (good song choice) is some sort of radio transmission from earth. They will arrive on earth during the 60s. Yipes!

Ok, now Starbuck. That was an awesome scene. Is she a cylon? I still don’t think so. Is she a projection in Lee’s mind, like the Baltar/Six relationship? Quite possibly. But the way she was so natural in saying hi to Lee made me think it was really her and not a projection.

Speaking of, what is going to happen to Caprica Six? Maybe she will become allies with the known cylons on board.

Also, does that mean that Nicky is a human/cylon hybrid? Are he and Hera going to connect?

All in all, it was the best episode of the seaon. For a while I thought it was going in a direction I did not like. Then tonight’s episode renewed my love for the show by not staying with the standard, predictable route. Acknowledging the flaws in identifying the final cylons scored bug points for me. They could go great places with this. Once found out that they are cylons, will they be allowed to settle on earth?

Ack, can’t wait for 2008!!

The Tudors

I finally caught the first two episodes of the Tudors. It is okay. Entertaining I guess, but mediocre. I think the writers thought if they threw period costumes and sex it could be a good show. I mean, on those criteria alone, it could be awesome, but I can’t see myself becoming engrossed in it. JRM doesn’t do it for me, and he seems horribly miscast. The story is not engrossing. Henry is portrayed as shallow, tempermental and egostistic. Many other characters are portrayed that way (i.e. Gaius Baltar, Marc Antony) but somehow they are intriguing, where as this Henry is not. Also, after just finishing The Other Boleyn Girl, this whole thing seems repetitive. I wonder how it will fare when the movie comes out this summer. I suppose I will watch it when it comes out on dvd. If not for the insanely hot Henry Cavill. Also, I am intigued by the actress that plays Anne Boleyn.

stranger than snoozfest

Stranger Than Fiction = most pointless movie ever? I know there was the whole message of live your life to the fullest, etc., but things just made no cinematic sense. It was like it had some undertone of biblical evangelist message that I didn’t get.  And Maggie Gyllenhaal, reading from cue cards does not constitute acting.

Human Giant

Uh, where have I been? I just realized that the show Human Giant is premiering this week. It stars Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel, among others, who are UCB performers. Ah, don’t have very high expectations. The bad taste left by the Stella tv show still lingers.