what it’s like to be reeeeely ridiculously good looking

I don’t know why I find so much humor in this guys blog. It’s like blogging isn’t for geeks anymore, it’s for complaining about how beautiful you are and how fabulous you are, and how exhausting that is! I am definately going to check it regulary to make sure his tanning session worked for the next big shoot. I am really worried.

List: Villains are misunderstood too! Part Two!

Check out Part 1

The Phantom, The Phantom of the Opera
Why people hate him: Okay, so he maybe killed some people in the process of haunting the opera house. Also, he is threatening the success of the operas and scaring the crap out of their precious lead soprano engeneue.
Why he’s misunderstood: he is forced to live in the dingy bowels of the opera house, and his only outlet is teaching Christine Daae to sing. She goes ahead and becomes a famous soprano and forgets about the Phantom and canoodles with that pretty boy, Raoul. He made her who she is! And he gets practically no thanks!

Gauis Baltar, Battlestar Galactica
Why people hate him: so maybe he was (indirectly) responsible for the near genocide of the human race, he canoodles with cylons, he is condescending and a womanizer, he won the presidential elections using questionable tactics
Why he is misunderstood: first of all, he actually didn’t realize that he was betraying the human race when he did it. He may also be the only one smart enought to find planet earth. Second of all, that condescing president Roslin has it out for him. He’s also the only one to know how to have fun on the fleet- so maybe that invludes manipulating people for his own benfit- but at LEAST he didn’t rig the election, like certain other candidates

Pzaz of the Misfits, Jem and the Holograms
Why people hate her: she is always trying to murder Jem and the Holograms
Why she is misunderstood: if you were always losing to that goody-two shoes Jem, wouldn’t that annoy you? Plus, the Misfits music is better, but everyone is so blinded by Jem’s over the top phialnthropy. Plus, her father is head of her record company and puts a lot of pressure on her.

Tess, Roswell
Why people hate her: she tricked Max into knocking her up so she could bring the alien baby back to her alien homeland.
Why she is misundertood: The other three hybrids were lucky enough to be adopted and assimilated into society, and she got stuck with a creepy shapeshifting father. Plus, in her alien home, she was a queen and married to Max, and on earth she has to play second fiddle to that mousy Liz parker. I’d be pissed too and try to get my alien friends to go back home too.

Taffy Sinclair, Taffy Sinclair series

Why people hate her: she was the first person in the fifth grade to have boobs, plus she’s apparently vain and always trying to steal Jana Morgan’s boyfriend.
Why she is misunderstood: Jana and her friends are super jealous and treat her like shit and always kept her out of their clique. She was only fighting fire with fire.

irrelavent info

I got the new Raveonettes album and squeeing with delight. Sounds exactly like what you would expect from them, which is awesome.

Started watching It’s Always Pervy Sunny in Philadelphia, and any show that can use abortion, molestation and the handicapped in a celver way is okay in my book.

OInk was shut down and the owner arrested. Who will bail me out when they get me?

James McAvoy DOES NOT EQUAL Kurt Cobain. I just don’t see it. I would choose Garret Hedlund or Joe Anderson.

Have you ever seen the Lionel Richie video for “Hello”. If not, this will make no sense to you.

American Apparel’s Halloween costume guide. Hollywood streetwalker: love it! As much as I make fun, I keep buying stuff there. How can I resist the cranberry leggings and this bag?

I am so in love with my new shoes. Yes, they are suede. So sue me.

adventures of the Keatons

Wow! More heavy stuff on Season 2.

  • Alex starts taking Mallory’s friend’s diet pills to stay up to study for exams but then gets totally addicted and strung out. It’s so badass.
  • Elise and Mallory enter a mother-daughter modeling contest but when Elise starts getting tons of modeling offers, Mallory gets peeved.
  • Alex dates a 40-year old French woman. (He’s a senior in high school.)
  • Steven is tempted to have an affair with Judith Licht at work and sneaks out to meet her. He realizes at the last minute he loves his family.
  • A Christmas episode where Alex acts all Scrooge-y and is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past and future (really bad special affects included.)

How in the hell was this show so popular? Sometimes the scenes are so cheesy it gives me douche chills. Other times it’s hilarious. I also like how suddenly there are family friends or neighbors or co-workers that show up for one episode then never seen from again. Also? Tina Yothers has pretty good comedic timing.

Adventures in San Francisco: 924 Gilman

Adventures in San Fran: 924 Gilman


Fir those of you not in the know, 924 Gilman is a venue where a lot of the Northern California punk movement formed. It was started as an all-ages venue, kind of equivalent to the DC straight-edge scene. Operation Ivy first played there and created their following. I had always been meaning to check it out, at least see it, and I unintentionally went past it on the way home from Target (!). I mean, it is a run down building, but has a lot of history. I don’t know what it was like 20 years ago in the height of its heyday, but let’s just say that it is right down the street from a Walgreen’s and a Chipotle, and I doubt that was there in 1987. (You can check out the street view) Is any city pure anymore? Or has it all become a gentrified, Sex and the City-ized version of itself? What cities even have a “scene” anymore? Meaning of the important kind? The East Village is basically one big Hot Topic, Haight-Ashbury is home to tourists, and Adams Morgan is basically a weekend playground for the surbanites. Don’t even get me started on Columbia Heights! And, with the way technology has influenced music, barely any city has a music scene, because no one scopes out loacal bands anymore. Local bands don’t build a following in their towns, they puke up an obnoxious myspace profile and suburban kids in New Jersey write the band names on their Chuck Taylors.

So anyway, yea, I finally saw it. Don’t know if I’d go to a show there. I may get mistaken as someone’s mother.

a pointless series of open letters

Dear college students,

I know that you seem to enjoy wearing flip-flops. I guess they are comfortable, even though I cannot stand looking at your mangy toes. However, please learn to walk like a fucking human and stop dragging your feet.



Dear homeless teens on Telegraph Ave,

I really want to help your situation, but I haven’t figured out what role I will play. I don’t blame you for your situation like some others do, and I think you don’t deserve a lot of the treatment you get. I understand your need to make money by playing your guitar. However, do you really need to sound like fucking Nickelback?



Dear leggings,

I know that you may be uber-trendy and not all that flattering, but goddammit you are so comfortable I don’t care that I look like I am in 1984. Thanks for making my Friday a bit more bearable.



Dear Nada Surf,

hey, I hear you are recording a new album. I think it’s great that you won’t let your one-hit-wonder status stop you from making wonderful music and knowing that you have devoted fans out there. However, please don’t let it be a piece of shit like your last album, The Weight Is a Gift was.



Dear Michael Bay,

Why the hell does every movie you have to make be a metaphorical masturbation session? It seems like you are not even trying. Transformers was actually Armageddon with a couple of lines changed.




Great albums have been popping up in the last few weeks, which is great but it is totally throwing off my end of the year list. Here’s some recs.

Kenna, Make Sure They See My Face

Totally blows my mind. Some electronic, some punk, some pop. 03-loose-wires_blink-radio.mp3

The Hives, The Black and White Album

People are going to rip this a new one, but the Hives will alwsys be in my heart. This one is a bit more produced than their previous stuff, but it sounds good really loud. 03-you-got-it-all-wrong.mp3

The Mary Ornettes, The Mary Ornettes

I don’t know if this band is even signed yet. 09-the-mary-onettes-under-the-guillotine.mp3

Say Hi to Your Mom, The Wishes and the Glitch

She Wants Revenge, This Is Forever

This one is kind of a guilty pleasure. This is what it would sound like if Interpol and Evanescence formed a supergroup.

Other stuff that is supposed to be good but not that good actually:

The Dykeenies, Nothing Means Everything: great name, boring stuff.
Metro Station, Metro Station: If this were 1989 and I lived in New Jersey, I would love it.
Foo Fighters, Echoes Silence Patience & Grace: Why the fuck are the Foo fighters still releasing albums?
Gravy Train!!!, All The Sweet Stuff; all the kids in Misshapes love it.

List: best narrative videos

Remember when music videos were awesome? The best ones were the mini-movies. R.Kelly acts like he was the first one to do a narrative video, but they were a staple of my pop culture memories. Here’s the best!

#15 A-Ha; “Take On Me”

Premise: woman has an affair with hot comic book character. My ultimate goal in life.

#14 Gwen Stefani; “Cool”

Premise: Gwen meets her ex-boyf’s new girlf.

#13 Aerosmith; “Janie’s Got A Gun”

Premise: listen to the lyrics, duh. Dad’s a rapist so Janie kills him and stuffs him under a train.

#12 Madonna; “Bad Girl”

Premise: Mad’s a high class hooker with Christopher Walken as a guardian angel.

#11 Richard Marx; “Hazard”

Premise. Someone killed a girl in the village. And goddammit, Richard Marx is going to find out.

#10 Cyndi Lauper; “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

Premise: Cyndi’s WWF Dad won’t let her have fun so she rebels by wearing a bustier in public and kickin’ it with her girlfriends. She later brings the whole city back to the house and her parents are trampled to death.

#9 Britney Spears; “Everytime”

It’s sooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard being famous. Stephen Dorf is a shitty boyfriend with anger management issues. Britney takes a bath and either cuts herself or hits her head and flatlines for a while. During her out of bosy experience at the hospital. Sees a baby being born then comes back to life. Meanwhile, her ratty weave strategically hides her privates in the bathtub.

#8 Bon Jovi; “Always”

Wow, BJ loves the drama. 90s heartthrob Jack Noseworthy and cheats on Carla Gugino with Keri Russell and Carla gets mad and runs out to the street. Meanwhile she goes home with some wimpy artist guy, sleeps with him, and then for some dumb reason, calls Jack to come over. Jack gets pissed and burns down artists house. NOYCE!

#7 Poison, “Fallen Angel”

Premise: The big city is bad! Gal moves out with big dreams and becomes a hooker.

#6 Tom Petty; “Into the Great Wide Open”

Premise: Small-town Johnny Depp moves to the big city and realizes fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Matt LeBlanc cameo!

#5 Jefferson Starship; “Sara”

Premise: the singer guy used to joke around with Rebecca DeMorney and wear crazy hats. Somehow it makes him remember a tornado that killed his mom.

#5 Heart; “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You”

Premise: Gal picks up a hitchhiker and does it in a cheap motel. A year later she comes back with his son. Funny how she found him, considering she never knew his name.

#4 Bon Jovi, “Livin’ In Sin”

Premise: the kids are living in sin. Duh. Bon Jovi knows how to bring the melodrama. Wasn’t this banned from MTV? Ironic, considering the smut that’s on now.

#3 Aerosmith; “Cryin'”

Was everyone else obsessed with this video as much as I was? Stephen Dorf (in his surprising second appearance on the countdown) cheats on Alicia Silverstone so she pretends to kill herself by jumping off a highway overpass. In between she gets stuff pierced and gets her bag stolen by Josh Holloway. I totally had an outfir that I copied from this video.

#2 Pat Benetar; “Love is a Battlefield”

Pat gets into a fight and runs away to the big city. This “big city” plot is basically 99% of videos. She becomes a hooker but she and her ruffian gang of hookers show their pimps who means business by doing a choreographed dance.

#1 Guns n’ Roses, “November Rain”

The grandaddy of all narrative music videos. What really happened to Stephanie Seymour? Did she get tramples by her wedding guests? Did Axl kill her? his mystery still keeps me up at night.

Planet awesome

Planet Terror came out today (or last week I think) and a reminder to SEE IT NOW. It is one of my favorite zombie movies, along with 28 Weeks Later and Dawn of the Dead. The ficticious trailers are also in this one.

Also, Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan are now engaged, which makes them possibly the most awesome fucking couple on the planet.


Started watching Heroes Season One. Hmmmm…X-Men and The 4400 called, they want their plots back. I guess I am intrigued, it’s well done and doesn’t follow the usual bullshit tv formula. I am not sure if Hiro is supposed to be the funny steretyped little Asian man. I mean, he might as well wear Hello Kitty gear. Also, Milo Ventimiglia, gets that fucking hair out of your face. Issac Mendez, do me. Hayden Panittiere, why so pretty? And hey, it’s the guy from Felicity! I know major shit is going to go down soon.

I wish all of Rome had one neck

I watched Caligula this weekend. After discussing my obsession with ancient Rome, a friend told me to NEVER see this movie. And, of course, I went out and got it right away. This was one trippy mess. It was like it took place at the Caesar’s palace in Atlantic City. Throw in some unnecessary porn and the worst.acting.ever. And why did Malcolm McDowell always look as if he was wearing a figure skating costume? You can see the embarassment of everyone involved. In fact, Gore Vidal was all fuck off, I don’t want to be attached to this anymore. A few years back, an filmmaker made a fake trailer for a remake which is pretty awesome. For a while people thought is was coming out…and how I wish it was. Heads up for Benicio del Toro looking mighty fine.

Not safe for work (fortunately).

List: villains have feelings, too!

I’ve wanted to do this list for a long time. Whenever I read or watch anything with the typical protagonist/antagonist model, I find myself sympathizing with the villain. Usually their reasons for being who they are are overlooked and taken for granted. Plus, villains are always just way more interesting. Here are some of my favorite (and most misunderstood) villains.

Severus Snape, Harry Potter

  • Why people hate him: he’s mean to Harry Potter, doesn’t kiss his ass, he’s often grumpy, not traditonally good-looking, oh and at one point he was a death eater
  • Why he is misunderstood: He loved Lily but she went for that conceited asshole James Potter. He was constantly tortured by James and Sirius’ clique, and got passed up for the Defense Against the Dark Arts year after year. That’s kind of a shitty deal, you can’t really expect him to be happy and skipping around and to fall in rank and worship Potter. Give him a break.

Miss Hannigan, Annie

  • Why people hate her: she’s a drunk, she treats the orphans like crap
  • Why she is misunderstood: Hey. it’s the Great Depression; running an orphanage can’t be easy and it’s a thankless job. It’s not like she is getting a lot of federal funding. Plus, that bratty precocious Annie becomes a gazillionare overnigh and does she get anything?

Nellie Olsen, Little House on the Prairie

  • Why people hate her: she’s a total beotch to everyone, she flaunts her money and is always out to get the Ingalls
  • Why she is misunderstood: With a mother like that, can you blame her? Look what her role model is. Her mother totally puts so much pressure on her to be the best and her parents are always fighting and do not role model healthy relationships to her. Also, that Ingalls family is so fucking perfect and condescending to everyone. Plus, Laura is always breaking the rules but getting away with it, even rewarded for it. I’d hate her too.

Ursula, The Little Mermaid

  • Why people hate her: She’s seemingly evil, makes her living off of taking things from others, and is not a size zero, singing, glossy-haired mermaid like Ariel
  • Why she is misunderstood: Not everyone comes from a privileged, royal undersea family like Ariel, so why shouldn’t she take advantage of a little capitalism?

Magneto, X-Men (movies)

  • Why people hate him: He wants to kill all humans.
  • Why he is misunderstood: He is a Holocaust survivor- why should he believe that all humans are kind? He’s seen the ruling class try to exterminate those who are “different”. He’s only trying to make sure mutants thrive. Plus, his gang have WAY cooler powers than those goody-two-shoes X-Men.

Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

  • Why people hate her: she’s mean and demeaning to all her employees, and is “mean” to innocent assistants.
  • Why she’s misunderstood: Do you think you can rise the ranks of the media empire as a female easily? She had no choice but to be where she is. Plus, she doesn’t need some over-confident recent grad telling her that her work is not real journalism.

More to come!

being home sick = watching Family Ties Season 2

Holy crap! Good stuff. Some highlights:

- Alex is the head of the prom committee and helps plan the “Civil War plantation” themed prom. Complete with a noose hanging from the gym ceiling. No fucking joke.

-Alex pretends to be a supporter of the ERA to win a girl’s heart. They go to a rally and he gets stuck for the night in jail with a bunch of rowdy feminists.

-Uncle Ned (Tom Hanks) is back from prison and comes to stay with the Keatons, but Alex finds out he’s an alcoholic when he finds him drinking a bottle of vanilla extract.

that is what I call passive aggressive.

Wow, I am livid. LIVID. All the music files I have uploaded to my mediafire account have been deleted. Some troll on one of music sharing communities took it upon themselves to report all the files to mediafire. So my account and my hundreds of files have been deleted. I still have them on my hard drive, but now I have absolutely nothing uploaded anywhere to share. If this person truly did not believe in sharing music, then I would certainly would have welcomes a cease and desist message. Believe me, I have gotten them before and have obviously complied.But to do something so assinine just boils my blood. Asshole.