Your patience is requested.

Well, good news and bad news. The bad news is that I’ll have to take another lil hiatus; not like I’ve been posting a ton anyway. I imagine I’ll be back to regular posts in September.

The good news? I got a promotion at work. The job is totally different than the one I am currently doing, which several of you know that I was growing to resent. Now I’ll be mostly managing information and processes instead of people. The best part? I no longer am required to live where I work. That means I now have to find an apartment in the most expensive area of the country. It’s going to be a blast. But, at least I can live like a fucking adult.

The Luxe


Well, I got what I wished for…The Luxe is dramatic, trashy historical fiction. Although this was officially a young adult book, I expected it to be better. It’s like Gossip Girl/Sweet Valley High set in the turn of the century New York City. One gal is posed to be society’s sweetheart, but fkaes her own death so she could run off with the stable boy. Woops, I gave away the ending.



I watched the first episode and thought I would hate it. The character of Hank Moody was a depressed, woman-hating asshole. However, as I watched it, I realized he was awesome. The writing is good, although not much happens, and the daughter is mega-annoying. Evan Handler and whoever plays his wife are pretty fantastic as well. Evan Handler’s talents were totally wasted in Sex and the City. I was totally into it right until the end when they pulled the biggest cliche EVER and it totally lost my respect.

Oh, and David Duchovny? DM!

Passport to great perkiness

So I’ve been watching the Travel Channel and expecially Passport to Great Weekends. It’s kind of dumb, I admit, but I do like the concept- experiencing a whole city in one weekend. And the ever-so-perky Samantha Brown usually does stuff that’s unique and not totally touristy.

She’s like Rachael Ray and Jessica Wakefield’s illegitamite love child. She struts around screaming “I’m so adorable” and flirts shamelessly with every guy she meets in every town. ANd they make it seem like she just happens to meet all the cool people in the city and they want to hang out with her. Um, perhaps it’s because she has a camera crew with her? And there always has to be a shopping-fashion montage with her modeling clothes. Ugh. But I like it anyway.

July 4

I finally feel like I can look forward to the Fourth of July. Usually whatever I do I don’t enjoy or I never really have good plans. I don’t even particularly like acknowledging the holiday, but luckily I am doing fabulous things. One is seeing Tron at the Castro theater, and for my brother’s sake, I am going to try to understand it. That night, a midnight showing of Showgirls with a pre-show by Peaches Christ. Finally, I have found an outlet for people who love (hate) that movie as much as I do. Bonus: Marty and Penny from the film will appear! Should I dress up like Nomi?

Human Giant


I am totally late for getting on this bandwagon but sometimes I am wary of sketch comedy. And, to pull this one: I knew about these performers back in the day when they were mere improv performers at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in nyc. And pretty fucking good. (Respecto Montalban are my heroes.) Plus Rob Huebel is totally my husband. Unfortunately, he now dies his hair brown but as a true fan I know he is really a total silver fox. Plus, there was a time I was sitting in the front row and he was wearing a speedo for a skit. I digress.

Some of it seems forced, but some skits are freaking hilarious. Especially the parody of the three alien bad guys from Superman Three. Oh, and Shutterbugs. Oh, and the indie rock promoter.