Mazel tov!

I am doung a shout out, because two amazing people are starting new jobs today. And knowing that first days at new jobs are more akward than school dances, here is some stuff to read to appear being busy. My most awkward first day at work was at the ‘faw, because my boss had no idea how to supervise me or what to do with me. This actually continued through my whole time there. I digress. Here are some good reads for the day.

Andrew continues the quest for the best movie music moments, totally picking up my slack. How could I overlook “Anything Goes”?

Speaking of movie lists, here is 25 thoughts about upcoming summer movies and the similarities between Tony Soprano and Harry Potter.

Also, a critical analysis of the sure-to-be-awful The Starter Wife, from my new favorite blog.

Also, the great debate continues: Seth Rogan: Hot or Not? I think you know where I stand. (A lil NSFW)

Ok, let’s get serious. A look at standardized testing for children entering kindergarten.

Nation’s Leading Alarmists excited about bird flu.

A passive-aggressive vegan grocery cashier: a day in the life.

the megatron matrix

I got back from a fantastic weekend in DC last Tuesday and I never wrote about it like I meant to. Along with spending time with people I love, seeing crappy Irish dancers, eating at Busboys & Poets, I also ran out in the freezing rain to go to the National Portrait Gallery, which was closed the whole time I had lived there. I have also been a huge critic of the Smithsonias musuems, but if you have a chance, GO THERE. If you appreciate art, go there. If you appreciate history, go there. If you appreciate civil rights and social movements, go there. It’s so much more than the collection of presidential portraits. They have a whole range of contemporary portraits, from Tom Wolfe to Brett Farvre to Philip Glass.

Connected to the Portrait Gallery is the newly opened Musuem of American Art. A great collection of contemporary art, included two large installations by Nam June Paik. The best was the Megatron Matrix, which I sat in front of for over an hour. It’s hard to explain, and I wouldn’t do it justice. There’s a clip here and here.

I know my artiste friends probably think his stuff is not that great, but with my six undergraduate credits in modern art, I was pretty impressed.

The other crazy thing about DC is the incredible amount of condos going up. When I first moved there, people claimed I would get shot if I lived east of 16th street. Now I will never be able to afford something on 10th street. Plus, I can’t even go by the Columbia Heights metro station without being ill from the construction of a the new Target. Down with gentrification!

The Good, The Bad, & The Queen

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Well, Andrew was reading my mind, because I have been totally obsessed with this album as of late. The very recognizeable singer is Damon Albarn (mostly famous for Blur, and also a part of Gorillaz – remember the song “Clint Eastwood”) and some other well known musicians. As Andrew mentions, it is a good album right off the bat, but takes a few listens to really appreciate its true awesomess.

[THE GOOD. THE BAD, & THE QUEEN; The Good, the Bad, & the Queen] [multiply] [yousendit]

mediocrity rules

Seriously, how are the Grammy Award relevant anymore? Maybe 10-15 years ago when everyone had the same outlet for music- the radio and buying physical cds at Sam Goody. I’m not playing the I-hate-all-music-that’s-popular thing here, but isn’t that who gets nominations? It is doubtful that those nominated are really the best out there. It’s just weird that they are still in existence. And nothing is ever daring, edgy, or god forbid- has some curse words in it. I think they also send nominee ballots to midwestern housewives and Grey’s Anatomy enthusiasts. Mary J. Blige with the most nominations? With all respect Mary, I doubt you even saw that coming.

Andrew does a fabulous job of analyzing the results like it’s the stock market, so he actually makes it exciting. Here’s his thoughts.

Grammy Nominations Announced

Record of the Year

Album of the Year

Song of the Year

Best New Artist

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance

Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals

Best Pop Vocal Album

Best Dance Recording

Pack your knives and go.

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Inspired by this week’s Top Chef, Erin and decided to create a “cutting edge” Thanksgiving dinner. All vegan too. After three hours at Whole Foods and $80 later…

First course: Pumpkin, tomatillo, and bean stew
Why it’s cutting edge: well, it’s not turkey, I guess

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Main course: Tahini-marinated BBQed tofu, mashed potatoes (made with soy milk and earth spread), mushroom gravy, portabella stuffing and roasted brussel sprouts
Why it’s cutting edge: We shunned today’s fads and went with an all-carb theme

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Dessert: Cinnamon Apple Oat Crisp with Nutmeg soy whipped topping
Why it’s cutting edge: We used THREE types of apples people

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Holy crap, the kitchen was a mess and we did three loads in the dish washer after cooking for two people

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Luckily, Erin helped by licking most of the pans and plates clean.

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Denmark needs my help!

I had a deam last night that because of the Borat controversy in Uzbekistan, they moved Erin’s peace corps program from there to Denmark, and she convinced me to apply. Most of my dream was the rigorous application process, but at the last minute, I ealized that I would have to fly to be able to get there. I am an idiot.


I’m off from work this Thursday and Friday, I’m heading up to Rhode Island to JT’s to see him before he moves to Texas and to take care of that helion Cooper. This will be the third weekend in a row that I am out of town, and even though it is good to get away, it is a little weird. I need at least one day of laying on my ass in the dark in my apartment watching stupid dvds to get myself on track. Even so, this will be relaxing, I’m going to bring some stuff I need to get done for work and a stack of books, Carnivale, Lost, and the House of Elliott.

myspace whore

So I had a lovely time visiting Erin this weekend, bringing her a tampon for after she ran a 12 mile race in Centralpark. New York people, please don’t be mad that I didn’t call, I was literally in the city for less than 24 hours. But I digress. Erin convinced me to go back and try Myspace because it is good to spy on people.

After Friendster and Facebook, I didn’t think I had the energy to keep up another profile. And I feel like an inadequate idiot. I can’t figure out how to change the background layout and I literally sat for hours (okay, minutes) trying to make my profile make me look cool. But I can’t. I end up looking like a loser who listed about a hundred movies and books. And apparently how cool you are depends on how many comments people leave that contain inside jokes.

So please help me out and be my friend if you are not already.  Leave me some comments. Don’t make my lack of a cool myspace page determine my self-worth.

Later: I found some people I haven’t talked to in a while! Yay! And thanks to those who left comments! I even have a potential suitor. Check this out.

ive just gone through ur profile ,
and found it an intresting one , i see u as someone with a fear of GOD ,
im tolu , an african origin , im 30 yrs old , am an engineer by profession , am an open minded human being, i hate deciet, im the kind who believe in being honest and faithful, who also believe in our creator cause without him we are no where to be an existence , iif u the type who doesnt care about colour , or distance nor origin ,cause i know with faith and honesty of mind i believe we can go places and live as the most happiest beings on earth , with almighty with us ,……………. i care are u a police in the state ?

Ok, I have a picture from Trudy Weigel in my pictures, because I identify with her. But are people really stupid enought to think that is me?

I still play with dolls, even online.

So in boredom, or insomnia, or both, I found a nifty little site that creates custim doll images, so I’ve decided it is my mission to make recreations of everyone I know. The limitations? You can only make white dolls and everyone has the figure of eight year old boys. Here is a group of people you may recognize. Hint: I’m (supposedly) the brunette in the aqua aweater.

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how am i going to cut it?

I can’t seem to comment about Ruth and Matt’s cake on tv on this entry, so here are my thoughts.

  • Why did those damn flamingos get all the air time????
  • Ahhhhh! Ruth and Matt are on tv! I screeched. I love how Ruth gets a line and then you just hear Matt laughing.
  • Um, does it really take a professional to arrange cupcakes? I’m just sayin’.
  • I am amazed at the intricate details of how the cake was made.