don’t make waves on the water

This is awesome. Don't read if you are sick of Anne Coulter and her anoriexic, Talbot's-clad self.

This is semi-cool. If you enter some of the bands you like, it can offer some bands you may also like. If you go through them and rate each band they give you, it will help build up the database.

It figures that Brenda was there. Check out the article. I'll bet she was yelling "Go limp!" to the people being arrested.

I'll admit I am not 100% on who I am voting for. When I am on an area that is a guaranteed Democrat win, I am always up for supporting third party candidates. Then I see this horseshit. I heard he wants to return to a simpler, more moral time where the forefathers would approve. Souds like a premise for The Village. What a tool.

all you mamas who rock the dollas

Well, as the end of the calendar year approaches, I get excited about many things, among them the passing of another year of this miserable existence, and year end wrap ups. I try to think what I have to say matters, so I have revised my music lists. Here is the top ten albums released this year:

The Thermals, Fuckin’ A

The Killers, Hot Fuss

Youur Enemies Friends, You Are being Videotaped

Muse, Absolution

A.C. Newman, The Slow Wonder

Action Action, Don’t Cut Your Hair to This Year’s Fashion

Statistics, Leave Your Name

Blood Brothers, Crimes

Taking back Sunday, Where You Want to Be

Here are not as fabulous but quite awesome stuff:
Bloc Party, Bloc Party EP

The Unicorns, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone

Sahara Hotnights, Kiss & Tell

Tilly and the Wall, Wild Like Children

The Faint, Wet From Birth

The Walkmen, Bows & Arrows

Scissor Sisters, s/t

Damnwells, Bastard of the Beat

Ratatat, s/t

Old 97’s, Drag it Up

Interpol, Antics

These were disappointing in that they did not live up to what I wanted, but still quite pleasant:

The Music, Welcome to the North

The Arcade Fire, Funeral

Phantom Planet, s/t

Rilo Kiley, More Adventerous

Silkworm, It’ll Be Cool
The Fever, Red Bedroom

The Libertines, The Libertines

Le Tigre, This Island
Von Bondies, Pawne Shoppe Heart

Ted Leo/Pharmacists, Shake the Sheets

Now, to pull an Andrew, here are notable singles this year. Get your Napster on and start downloading this crap:

Mr. Brightside, THE KILLERS

Word Up, KORN


Let’s Get It Started, BLACK EYED PEAS

Portions for Foxes, RILO KILEY

Miracle Drug, AC NEWMAN

The New Kid, OLD 97S


Ladyfingers, THE FEVER

Set Phasers to Stun, TAKING BACK SUNDAY


Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, MUSE

17 Years, RATATAT


C’mon C’mon, VON BONDIES


The Lost Complain, THE DAMNWELLS


Dance With Me, THE SOUNDS

miracle drug


Brandon, did you know there is actually a song named Brandon (by Manitoba).

More rules for driving in central CT:

-if you make a turn onto the road I am on, it's quite alright. You can make it up to me by going 20 miles below the speed limit. That'll show me you care.

-sometimes you are driving in an area that is unfamiliar to you. Don't worry- the solution is to come to a stop at every intersection to look at the street signs.

-if you are coming home and parking in the lot behind your apartment building and the whole lot is empty, go ahead and take that one space that looks right into my living room window. It doesn't make sense for me to take that space anyway.

I miss public transpo. One of these days I am going to drie someone off a subway overpass. I'm trying guys, I really am, but I don't see the suburbs as a part of my life much longer.

I went a little crazy with scouring the internet for more music, and I went a little crazy. Got albums from Sufjan Stevens, Black Box Recorder, Les Savy Fav, Preston School of Industry, Rachel's, the Bellrays, The Distillers, and Film School. Now I am having a panic attack because I have too much to listen to.

So, Happy Halloween. For you women, it's you opportunity to dress like a completel skanky harlot. Men, it is your chance to dress in drag and have an excuse to do so, although you have been waiting all year to do it. And it's my chance to hide from all the children who expect me to give them crap. Bah-humbug.


Some oldies but goodies: Sneaker Pimps: Roll On; Veruca Salt: Volcano Girls.

The Tilly and the Wall video for "Reckless" is dumb as f*ck.

Nonessential reading:

-an uber-detailed Harry Potter timeline

-basically the most awesome site

-the most awesome Halloween costume.

-some guy who is unfortunately named Adam Levine

-one Alabama women's blog about dating. Hey, I'll bet this will be turned into a quirky sitcom!

-Nick Valensi is moving to Brooklyn. And is married.

mediocre political humor.

-sometimes, when you blog, you just need to post a picture of your cat.

-if you can't play an instrument for crap, learn these songs cuz they only have one riff

-all the info you need to start your own record label (hot!)

-if you hate the two party system

-interview with Mike Watt

I had the unfortunate experience of having to go to the mall today. I had to return something to the Gap, and to my chagrin, they were playing The Thermals over the speaker system. Is nothing sacred? Sometimes I feel like a band only records and album for my sake. And I am still at the point where if something is too commercialized, it will make me hate it. I now detest Franz Ferdinand, and I am this close to loathing the Killers. On my way out, i stopped in Target. That store is like crack. I always end up going to the cashier with my arms hurting because I have clothes, underwear, housewares, picture frames, and dvds in my arms. Is it wrong that a third of my wardrobe is now Isaac Mizrahi for Target? I can't help it, the stuff is just ugly enough for me to like:

OK, I really made this for Erin, who was nice enought to recommend stuff for me to read. But you might as well check it out too. Nothing compliments me more than reading something that I have recommended.

you are Nick Cave!
Nick Cave… dark and creepy. You're a bi-polar
genius, with equal passion for the most
degrading aspects of humanity, as well as the
beauty & wonder of God and Heaven.

Which fucked-up genius composer are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

sing for absolution


I think my ovaries just shriveled up and died. Ew:
Image Hosted by

In a more comforting Halloween picture:
Image Hosted by

This is how a commander in chief is supposed to act, apparently.


Hi, meet my life partner, Ann. We are going to have a thousand babies together. Oh, we have to wait because right now she is filming a show called America's Next Top Model.

Oh. my. god.

In better video news, check out my husband Jack in "Jolene" and the new Scissor Sisters video directed by John Cameron Mitchell.

Why is Ashley Olsen stealing my look?

Look, a new ipod! Tee hee.

So, so, wrong. And so, so, brilliant.


I also have had time to scour the internet for music downloads. Got some good stuff. For your information: here is what is on heavy rotation on my soon-to-be broken ipod. They all come highly reccomended, so start dropping these names:

Sikworm, It'll Be Cool

Blonde Redhead, Misery Is Butterfly%@

Helio Sequence, Love and Distance

Action Action, Don't Cut Your Hair To This Year's Fashion*

Brand New, Your Favorite Weapon*

The Go! Team, Junior Kickstart

Plus/Minus, You Are Here

Bloc Party, Bloc Part EP

Coheed & Cambria, In Keep Secrets of Silent Earth 3*

Interpol, Antics+

A.C. Newman, The Slow Wonder@

The Faint, Wet From Birth

Statistics, Leave Your Name+

Arcade Fire, Funeral%

Deerhoof, Bibbidi babbidi Boo

Super Furry Animals, Phantom Power

Sons and Daughters, Love the Cup@

Taking Back Sunday, Where You Want to Be*

The Streets, A Grand Don't Come for Free

The Music, Welcome to the North+

Saves the Day, Stay What You Are*

Misfits, Legacy of Brutality

Ted Leo/Pharmacists, Shake the Sheets

Sneaker Pimps, Bloodsport

Spoon, Kill the Moonlight

Beulah, Yoko/John Peel Sessions

Social Distortion, Love, Sex & Rock n Roll*

Ratatat, Ratatat

The Blood Brothers, Crimes

Snow Patrol, Final Straw

Q and Not U, Power*

The Velvet Teen, Elysium

RJD2, Since We Last Spoke

John Vanderslice, Time Travel is Lonely%

Le Tigre, This Island@

Placebo, Sleeping With Ghosts

Rilo Kiley, More Adventurous+

Mewithoutyou, Catch For Us the Foxes

Neutral Milk Hotel, In the Aeroplane over the Sea@

Quasi, The Sword of God

The Most Secret Method, Get Lovely

The New Pornographers, Mass Romantic/ Electric Version+%@

*especially recommended for Erin

+especially recommended for Mike

%especially recommended for Brandon

@especially recommneded for Corry

Update on my sick day: It's been good so far. I drifted in and out of consciousness while watching That's My Baby featuring a French bulldog, the E! True Hollywood story of New Kids on the Block, and just watched the Ab Fab episode where they go to Morocco and sell Saffron into the white slave trade. Next up: washing my dishes and paying some bills. It's a party up in here!

The new photo ipod. I'm not so excited about the photo option, but more on the 60MB storage space. When they have the option of crack cocaine or crumb-topped doghnut storage, I'm game.

This is me in 10 years.

Check out the best political blogs.

If you know what's good for you, then download The Unicorn's masterpiece, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone. Also, a track from the Futureheads, Piece of Crap.

As I predicted, The Go! Team is really kick-ass. However, this album seems to be hard to find.

I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but Eminem's video for "Mosh" is really affecting and powerful. It seems weird that it came out about 5 seconds before the election. Read about it and watch it here.

In "me" news I am home and taking the day off because I am feeling like my body is housing some sort of intergalactic war. As is every time I take a sick day, I have immense guilt and can never really truly relax and do what I should be doing, which is trying to get better. Really, truly relaxing is something I actually do not know how to do.

Help! I need suggestions on nonfiction stuff to read. It could be on anything. maybe not so much about politics right now. Give me some titles.


Some irrelevant reading:

-The top ten worst Interpol lyrics.

-Brooklyn is officially too hip: a new show called Cobble Hill will be like an hour-long Friends.

-now you can get coaching to help with your personal ad.

-a look at college counseling services

good analysis of Ashlee's career suicide.

Coming very soon: new interviews, my thoughts on several new "hot" bands, and the premier of a new section where I tell people how they should live their lives.

Meanwhile, read this article and see if you makes you as irritated as it made me.

Republicans urge minorities to get out and vote on November 3..


I was all set for the campiness of Manhunt, and thought it would be equal to America’s Next Top Model, which is suprisingly entertaining. What we have a crappy produced show that has men declaring that they want to “get with some chicks”, scolded for being “sissy boys” and talking about a female model’s breasts with her in the room. The ironic thing is, these men are looking and acting like the gayest things alive.Then there's Team America. I was so excited for this, because I find Trey Parker and Matt Stone to be quite intelligent and actually have quite a good take on homophobia. However, this movie found the word “fag” many times and had a bit about same-sex fellatio that had no pay-off and was in it for the sake of humor. Humor, in that “oh my god! That’s soooo gay! Gross!” type of way. Quite the disappointment. Stick to South Park (ps fyi, new season on Wednesday).

The Apprentice: I am not going to get into the sad excuse for “business woman” (or women for that matter) but one woman was cristicized for having both brains and personality, because that is “trouble”. Um…

This whole Bill O'Reilly scandal. I love how journalists are digging up information on the woman to find out if this is some sort of "revenge". Or that she "took things the wrong way". Because you know, most of the time women make this stuff up for attention or because they are catty. Some just need the attention.

After explaining these observations, someone told me to basically “lighten up” and to stop overanalyzing, and if I analyze everything, I won’t be able to enjoy it. Please, just to know, that is the most insulting and infuriating thing I had heard in a long time. Note to everyone I know and every person I have met or will meet: please don’t ever try to invalidate my feelings on these issues or just because it is popular, doesn’t mean it has to be mainstream.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and that means new releases.

The most important is Dawn of the Dead. What an experience. It is rare that a horror movie really gets under my skin.
Image Hosted by
It was this one and The Ring that really did so. I wasn’t outwardly scared, but it made me so agitated to find the resolution. Furthermore, apocolyptic moviews intrigue me. The best scene of this movie is when the (awesome) Sarah Polley walks out of her house and sees the whole neighborhood in absolute chaos. Brilliant.

Autolux is a band I have heard so much buzz about that I decided they are already on their way out. That’s how quick hype is!

Soledad Brothers: Voice of Treason. These guys rose to some popularity with the whole-blues-rock-Detroit-jack White is hot period. But they are pretty good, and more actual blues than the White Stripes.

Ulysses: 010. Your run of the mill, male indie rock, insightful lyrics. You’ve heard this before, but they do it well, so why not check it out?

Coming soon: many more interviews and a new feature where I give people directions on how they should be living their lives.

If you subscrive to emusic, you can use it for free for two weeks and get 50 free downloads. Just cancel your subscription before two weeks. Sweet!

Great. Someone got my page after googling for teenage porn. I gotta get this off of search engines

I just had a full-on temper tantrum because I don't live in NY anymore and I can't go to the previews on La Cage aux Folles. Woe is me.

Who is leaving NYU?

So what's up with this?

President Bush has announced his plan to select Dr. W. David Hager to head up the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee. The committee has not met for more than two years, during which time its charter lapsed. As a result, the Bush Administration is tasked with filling all eleven positions with new members. This position does not require Congressional approval.The FDA's Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee makes crucial decisions on matters relating to drugs used in the practice of obstetrics, gynecology and related specialties, including hormone therapy, contraception, treatment for infertility, and medical alternatives to surgical procedures for sterilization and pregnancy termination.

Dr. Hager is the author of "As Jesus Cared for Women: Restoring Women Then and Now." The book blends biblical accounts of Christ healing women with case studies from Hager's practice. His views of reproductive health care are far outside the mainstream for reproductive technology.

Dr. Hager is a practicing OB/GYN who describes himself as "pro-life" and refuses to prescribe contraceptives to unmarried women.

In the book Dr. Hager wrote with his wife, entitled "Stress and the Woman's Body," he suggests that women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome should seek help from reading the bible and praying. As an editor and contributing author of "The Reproduction Revolution: A Christian Appraisal of Sexuality Reproductive Technologies and the Family," Dr. Hager appears to have endorsed the medically inaccurate assertion that the common birth control pill is an abortifacient.

get your hands off of my woman motherfucker


I need help with a little brainstorming for insulting words I can call people. Lately every third word out if my mouth is "bitch", "slut", "whore", or "c*nt". I've been doing some self-reflection (my favorite hobby lately) and realized that I am perpetuating misogyny and sexism by calling women these names, even though I don't buy into it. I mean, someone at work sho steals my pen has nothing to do with her promiscuity, does it? "Douchebag", my favorite word, is questionable right now, because it is a feminie hygiene product (but it's also french for shower, so…). "Asshole" isn't really offensive to any group, neither is "dipshit". I'm trying to work those in my vocab more. Any other ideas are welcome. I want to shout these things at people or mutter it under my breath constantly, so the sooner you give me ideas, the better.

Today is one of your lucky days, where I feel like blogging every tiny move that I make. So, I watched CHO Revolution and was sadly dissappointing. What is with her new "ghetto" talk? Oh, and making jokes about George W Bush's intelligence? That's soooo fresh and original. Still love her though-"When I see children, I feel nothing…I ovulate sand."

Then I had to try really hard to not slit my wrists while I tried to finish season 2 of Mr. Show. I paid 25 bucks for the dvd, so I have to finish it! it is so gawd awful and not funny. At least Jack Black show up once in a while. When I see David Cross, I have a chemical reaction that turns me asexual.

Then I tried

Everyone's favorite manucurist from Bayonne, Bev, is having a party for her daughter. Here's the details:

Hey guys,
Bev here just iviting all yous to my sweetheart
angel daughter Amber Atkin's 10th birthday. The
theme is Pimps and Hoes (she asked, so I
deliver). Please dress appropriately, fish nets,
teased hair, furs etc etc. It's in Bayonne at my
mother's. I can pick anybody up at the Seacaucus
train station if needed. BYOB

BWAHAHAHA! Ashleeee Simpson fucked up her performance on SNL. And dances like an ass. See it here.


So, my Sunday is here and I am determined to stay in for the rest of the day and enjoy it. None of that feeling like I should be doing something "productive". Besides, I have got a lot of ground to cover: I need to watch Margaret Cho: Revolution, the last half of Cold Mountain, the first season of Reno:911, finish at least season one of Absolutely Fabulous, and get at least halfway through Season 2 of Roswell. If you need me, you can find me on my couch.


Quick question for you student affairs people: Are you going to NASPA in Tamps or ACPA in Nashville? I have to decide sometime this week, and I want to see where all of you will be.


Couldn't sleep, so I finished up the last hour of Angels in America. I was avoiding it for a while because I really didn't want it to end, I wasn't sure how it could all be resolved. Well, overall, it is one of the best miniseries/movies I have seen, but what a CRAP ending. Suddenly characters are talking to the camera (which they did not do for the entire 5 hours and 50 minutes before) and walking off, laughing in the sunset. Wtf? Characters talking to the camera and voice-over narration are some of my cinematic pet peeves. It is lazy screenwriting. Show me, don't tell me. And why does this have to have a totally resolved ending? The characters could have been in a positive place but not have everything resolved. (This is what annoyed me about Garden State. However, I don't want to ruin the ending for anyone, because I still reccomend it to anyone who has six hours to watch it and another 3 to process it afterwards.


What else? I heard the new Fiona Apple single, Better Version of Me. I'm not liking it. I am also kicking myself for not realizing that the New Pornographers are one of the best. bands. ever. I got the reissue of Mass Romantic, and it is heaven in a jewel case.


Check out a Sterephonics version of Handbags and Gladrags, the theme from the best. show. ever. For those of you that don't know what I am talking about, you can now find out.


One of my staff members is trying to start an organization based on appreciation for capitalism. I scoffed at first, but today I realized I should be president. Maybe I can start a spin-off organization for the appreciation of consumerism. I finally got myself some decent athletic shoes, but it doesn’t stop there. I just HAD to get myself another pair of earrings, a new Lesportsac tote, and a leather bag that I had seen somewhere and was looking to copy. Then I realized it’s the one Ashley Olsen carries. Someone please help me. Luckily I have been saving myself money by illegally downloading music instead of buying it. Shhhh.


Also got a dirt cheap of Bully, one of the most intriguing and disturbing movies ever. I love Larry Clark; he could film a cardboard box and I would watch it.


Here's the infamous Anne Coulter pie film.


Interview with the Arcade Fire, everyone's new band to hype to death.

OUCH! Pitchfork hates on the new Le Tigre. I like it, but I will admit, it's no Feminist Sweepstakes.

If This Island failed musically but still got Le Tigre's message out, it could be counted as a minor success. But at this critical juncture in their career, Le Tigre seem tame: They're neither over-the-top nor subtle– they're merely playing it safe. "Viz"– short for "visibility"– predicts lesbianism's wider acceptance, but hardly goes farther than, "They call it way too rowdy, I call it finally free"; the whimsical "Nanny Nanny Boo Boo" goes the Avenue D and Fannypack route ("If you ask us how we want it we'll say man-to-man/ When you go to kiss our cheeks we're gonna put out our hands") but feels out of place on an otherwise overly deadpan release.



So who got to watch The Office Special? I will not rest until I have seen it.


Irrelevant news alert (for those staying in tonight): Jude Law will be hosting Saturday Night Live tonight.


i fold in half so easily when i put myself in the pictures of success


VOMIT. Short, annoying Stacy from the apprentice has her own website. Her pants look weird. You can book her to speak about: "Lessons Learned from the Apprentice", "Feistiness Counts", and "Dating Lessons Learned from the Apprentice". Jeez, everyone is getting paid to do speaking appearnces. Maybe I can go into business. My speech topics would include, "Eating to Stifle Emotions", "Why Everyone is Annoying", "Barbie rocks", "My Music Collection is Better Than Yours" and "Pulitzer Prize-Winning Blogging."

Students attack Anne Coulter with pies while she was speaking on campus. I'd imagine at xxxxxx they would light bags of dog feces on fire and throw it at her.


Current pointless obsession: "Word Up" by Korn.

thegetaway1448: should i volunteer with CT NARAL?

Er5inQ: sure. unless they are crazy.

Er5inQ: i dont' know what that means.

Er5inQ: also, dont' work there if you are going to get shot.

thegetaway1448: ok

thegetaway1448: they want me to do web work

Er5inQ: like posting pics of aborted fetuses?

thegetaway1448: exactly

thegetaway1448: in silly outfits

Er5inQ: you should put those on your blog.

thegetaway1448: i'm putting this in my blog

Er5inQ: awesome.

So I cried at work today. Took me longer than I thought. Three months in is not so bad. Should I count the time I hit my head on my overhead cabinets and my eyes teared up? Nah.

mediocrity rules

The Onion is pretty g-damn funny today.

LHASA, TIBET—Deng Hsu, 14, said Monday that he is "totally getting into Western philosophy." "I've been reading a lot of Kant, Descartes, and Hegel, and it's blowing my mind," Hsu said. "It's so exotic and exciting, not like all that Buddhist 'being is desire and desire is suffering' shit my parents have been cramming down my throat all my life. Most of the kids in my school have never even heard of Hume's views on objectivity or Locke's tabula rasa." Hsu said he hopes to one day make an exodus to north London to visit the birthplace of John Stuart Mill.

Nader Polling At 8 Percent Among Past Supporters
WASHINGTON, DC—A CNN/Gallup poll released Monday shows that 8 percent of those who voted for presidential candidate Ralph Nader in the 2000 election will vote for him again in 2004. "Americans feel it's time for an end to corporate-controlled government, or at least 1/12th of those who voted for me in 2000 do," Nader said, addressing a handful of supporters scattered throughout a lecture hall at Georgetown University. "Don't be satisfied with politics as usual. That is my message to those who voted for me four years ago. Get back with the team." Nader said that 230,000 votes, while nowhere near enough to win, might be sufficient to muck up another election.