no money man, can win my love, it’s sweetness that i’m thinking of.


More cathartic expression.

This is my kind of activism: Horrified Observers in Pedestrian Entertainment:

The Knitting Factory along with H.O.P.E. (Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment) are offering the good people of America who have been duped into buying Ashlee Simpson's CD a reprieve; the opportunity to turn in her CD for one of a higher entertainment quality. Just bring your Ashlee Simpson CD down to the Knitting Factory Box Office between 10 and 5 PM Mon thru Sat and get one by the likes of Elvis Costello, The Ramones, X, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Aretha Franklin, Mr. Bungle, Ray Charles, Abe Lincoln Story, Grateful Dead, Neil Hamburger, Joni Mitchell, and Brian Wilson (while supplies last / selections vary) courtesy of Rhino Records in replacement. If you're in a city outside NYC, contact or visit http://www.hopeinamerica,com for an exchange.

Love the Onion.

BERKELEY, CA—No longer occupied by the 2004 election, liberals across the country have returned to the activities they enjoy most: anal sex and cheating the welfare system. "I've been so busy canvassing for the Democratic Party, I haven't had a single moment for suckling at the government's teat or no-holds-barred ass ramming," said Jason Carvelli, an unemployed pro-hemp activist. "Now, my friends and I can finally get back to warming our hands over burning American flags and turning kids gay." Carvelli added that his "number-one priority" is undermining the efforts of freedom-loving patriots everywhere.

It's gonna snow tonight. Shoot me.

More downloadies: Blink-182's self titled, Brand New.


More tips on how to get over the election.

God, I miss New York. I wish I could be there to pay $99 for a hamburger and go to a restaurqant for ramen noodles.

I'm fairly certain I have meningitis.

Full album downloads: Muse's Hullaboo, Semisonic's The Great Divide, Frou Frou's Details.


Ech. Not my best day. Spent 4 hours of my afternoon at the DMV registering my car. Nothing gives me more feeling of disgust than that place. I just can’t stand processes that are unorganized. Plus, after my hour wait, they then told me I needed my car to be inspected, which was another hour wait. I had to sit next to some guy with parachute pants to big it looked like a ball gown. Finally, I got back in, and didn’t have my statement of lien, whatever the fuck that means. The women took pity in me and let me run out to my car to get it, so I got to run back through the place sweaty and panting. After putting my ginormous purse on a ledge, it fell, spilling the contents all over the floor for everyone to see. I hate myself.

Maybe I am cranky about it because it is now official- I am now a full Connecticut citizen. Now I can stop pretending I am at some summer internship or some deranged camp or something.

So, check this out; Hmmmm, I really do believe it and stand by it. But I continue to try to not be angry and argue about these things in a rational matter. Is that really possible? One of the many highlights:

The next dickwad who says, "It’s your money, not the government's money" is gonna get their ass kicked. Nine of the ten states that get the most federal fucking dollars and pay the least… can you guess? Go on, guess. That’s right, motherfucker, they're red states. And eight of the ten states that receive the least and pay the most? It’s too easy, asshole, they’re blue states. It’s not your money, assholes, it’s fucking our money. What was that Real American Value you were spouting a minute ago? Self reliance? Try this for self reliance: buy your own fucking stop signs, assholes.

How to become a psychotic placebo fan. Done and done!


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