i’ll tell santa where to put his presents

All Families Are Psychotic to be a movie? Let’s see how “they” can fuck this one up. Maybe it will be a buddy road movie ugh. On my break I also re-watched Party Monster. This SHOULD have and COULD have been an awesome movie, if it weren’t for…well everything. Still, my clubkids fascination continues and I am absorbed in Disco Bloodbath.

Sometimes my brother likes to rub it in that he works in the music industry (kind of) and one of his clients is the Strokes. He received a very personal holiday card from them. And by personal I mean through mass email.

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will you spend your life with me or will you send him to his grave

Well, finally got to see Phantom of the Opera. THis is a movie that I have been anticipating for 15 yeara, since the eighth grade field trip to see it. I was full-out bawling at the end, and the only one on the trip who was doing so. I had to dry my eyes quick in order not to welcome anymore ridicule than was already happening. After that, and through high school, I listened to my cassette of the cast resording until I could perform a one-woman show of the entire thing(how many of you would pay to see that?)

So, of course, the movie is so hyped up for me, it would never meet my expectations. Sadly, this is the case. Overall, it was like a high school production that had a huge budget. It stayed true to the stage show, plus some not-necessary flashback scenes.
There is a certain cheese factor to the show, being that it is from the mod-80s and “typical” broadway fashion.

The thing that annoyed me most was Christine. This Emmy Rossum had a decent enough voice, but her method of acting was staying as still as a board, and always looking like she took a quaalude and breathing through her mouth. Patrick Wilson as Raoul was pretty enough, but he had a fake-looking weave and I will never think of him as anything other than a gay Mormon. Gerard Butler was decent, and quite the piece, even with the burned and dsfigured face.

After seeing it again, through the lense of fifteen years of growth, I am seeing my once-favorite musical is a new light. First of all, Christine? Weak. She would always get herself into trouble by falling under the Phantom’s spell, and then calling for Raoul’s help. Grow a spine. And I seriously feel for the Phantom. Here he is, forced to live underground for years, and then he takes the time to make Christine a huge star and what does she do to thank him? Run away with the pretty boy. Fuck, I’d probably terrorize a few operas if that were me.

Anyway, I am off to NY for a couple of days, and will have limited internet access, so hit the cell. Merry Christmas and all that shit.

feed the birds, tuppence a bag

So I got productive and started posting again: here, here, and here. Reviews will be up soon.

I got my 40th Anniversary edition of Mary Poppins and was practically in tears the whole time watching it. Can we talk about how frigging good it is? Can we also talk about how random and disjointed the plotline is? Lately I have been seeking out things from my childhood to revisit. First, it was the Barbies. Then the Jem dvd. Now Mary Poppins. And now watching shit like this and bawling:

To be cliche, maybe doing this stuff takes me back to a simpler, happier time where I didn't have to deal with the shit I do now. I didn't worry about a career; I was the smartest kid in my class. I didn't worry about my looks; my mother would bring home a new EJ Gitano outfit and I would feel like a supermodel. Happiness came in simple form, like picture day at school or joining the summer library reading club. Sigh.

love rhymes with hideous train wreck

So, I don’t have an ear infection, but I went to the doctor and have a pretty bad cold and major blockage in my ear. I managed to finagle the doctor into giving me a five month supply of some strong antihistamines. I know it is no vicatin, but it just seemed so easy to ask for it and get it. I’m not complaining, but these days it seems like all I’ve had to do is ask for a drug I heard about and I’ve gotten it. Cripes.I just watched All the Real Girls, and jesus was I antsy watching it. It was a nice, realistic “portrait of a life” but I am really sick of the idealistic movie romances that save everything [ahem, GARDEN STATE]. I don’t think I am bitter or cynical about it, but just annoyed. Maybe I am more realistic about relationships, that getting engaged doesn’t always seem like the right way to go [ahem, BRIDGET JONES AND THE EDGE OF REASON]. I can’t stand on-screen relationships where the only thing the couple talks about is their relationship. Shit, that sounds like a hell to me. Anyway, I couldn’t tell if Zooey Daschenel was supposed to be mentally handicapped or not. And it emplyed the annoying mechanism where anytime anyone met up, one of the charaters would go off on a monologue about a sob story from the past. Then I put in Young Adam, which failed to hold my attention despite Ewan MacGregor’s absolutely perfect physical being and the fact he has a lot of sex, gets rubbed down in the shower by another man, and (of course) has some full frontal nudity. The movie was just that unthrilling.

So that ends the era of Netflix, and now I am way into reading again. Don’t even bother with The Mysterious Incident of the Dog. Totally amateur. It is supposed to be all avant-gard because the narrator is an autistic teenager, but the whole thing came off trite and underdeveloped. I’d rather read Kristy and the Secret of SusanNow I am engrossed in Stone Junction– thanks for the rec, Erin.

are you trying to read my diary


Tis the season for giving! For giving myself more material objects that I don't need!

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Merry Christmas to me. Thank you, baby Jesus.

A teacher my father worked with for 30 years got caught knocking up a 14 year old student. I hate how this crap gives teachers a bad name, especially NYC teachers. ANyway, my father was very excited about the gossip and trash talking this caused for him. Furthermore,

Schenker earned his moniker, "The Snake," from his penchant for wearing snakeskin jackets and a belt buckle emblazoned with Al Pacino's "Scarface" character, Tony Montana. Students described him as an engaging music teacher who makes class fun by playing rap, R&B and rock.

Ew, creepy and disgustingly tacky.


This goes out to Brenda: the Star Wars Christmas Special. Seen it?

People of the Year? Methinks not.

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Yes. It's true. It happened. I watched the season finale of the Apprentice. COmplete with Regis Phibin, live performances by the O'Jay's, and gender double standards galore. This is how middle America must feel.

slanted and enchanted


She can't even lip-synch well.

From Page Six:

Elizabeth Wurtzel has sworn off writing! The whiny author of "Prozac Nation" told pals at a wedding in Queens last weekend, "I am going to Yale Law School right now. But I never actually want to practice. I just am going. It's not like anyone accused me of ever being a good writer, so why not law school?" Wurtzel isn't worried about having to pay back student loans. "If you don't ever make any money and become, like, a janitor, then they forgive your loans. I swear," she said. Wurtzel might have a rude awakening in three years when she graduates

Go Lizzy, go! I enjoyed your self-indulgent battle with depression and your addiction to snorting ritalin, and I can't wait to hear about how you got through Yale while pouting, crying, and batting your eyes. God, I love her.

Oh, and Jenna? From the Wash Post:

First daughter Jenna Bush, who put her career plans on hold while campaigning to reelect her father, has decided to live in Washington and plans to teach at a District public school that serves low-income children. The White House would not release details yesterday, but we've learned that she has applied to teach at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School in the Mount Pleasant/Columbia Heights neighborhood.The school's founder and executive director, Linda Moore, wouldn't confirm Bush's employment, saying: "We don't discuss the relationship between a prospective employee and the school until we have a formal agreement. This is not something I'm at liberty to discuss."
The Elsie Whitlow Stokes school has 250 pupils enrolled in kindergarten through sixth grade, features immersion classes in Spanish and French, and emphasizes community service. Its children, who are largely Hispanic and African American, visit soup kitchens and participate in an annual walk for the homeless.

"They learn who's homeless in this country and who's hungry in the world," Moore told us. "We emphasize preparation for citizenship. We emphasize increasing students' knowledge of other cultures. We are preparing them to be leaders in the community."

Ooooo, Jenna is in my hood. I had a glorious time living a few blocks from the school and also spent time there doing service work during my Americorp days- I believe I did a homeless awareness workshop with some younger students (my god, my memory can't even go back 4 years). It is a really awesome school with a really long name and a really awesome mission. I am sure Jenna wants to do some good, but it just reeks of a guilt complex of privilege to go work there. Oh well, at least she is not just hanging around the Ivy with Paris Hilton.