love rhymes with hideous train wreck

So, I don’t have an ear infection, but I went to the doctor and have a pretty bad cold and major blockage in my ear. I managed to finagle the doctor into giving me a five month supply of some strong antihistamines. I know it is no vicatin, but it just seemed so easy to ask for it and get it. I’m not complaining, but these days it seems like all I’ve had to do is ask for a drug I heard about and I’ve gotten it. Cripes.I just watched All the Real Girls, and jesus was I antsy watching it. It was a nice, realistic “portrait of a life” but I am really sick of the idealistic movie romances that save everything [ahem, GARDEN STATE]. I don’t think I am bitter or cynical about it, but just annoyed. Maybe I am more realistic about relationships, that getting engaged doesn’t always seem like the right way to go [ahem, BRIDGET JONES AND THE EDGE OF REASON]. I can’t stand on-screen relationships where the only thing the couple talks about is their relationship. Shit, that sounds like a hell to me. Anyway, I couldn’t tell if Zooey Daschenel was supposed to be mentally handicapped or not. And it emplyed the annoying mechanism where anytime anyone met up, one of the charaters would go off on a monologue about a sob story from the past. Then I put in Young Adam, which failed to hold my attention despite Ewan MacGregor’s absolutely perfect physical being and the fact he has a lot of sex, gets rubbed down in the shower by another man, and (of course) has some full frontal nudity. The movie was just that unthrilling.

So that ends the era of Netflix, and now I am way into reading again. Don’t even bother with The Mysterious Incident of the Dog. Totally amateur. It is supposed to be all avant-gard because the narrator is an autistic teenager, but the whole thing came off trite and underdeveloped. I’d rather read Kristy and the Secret of SusanNow I am engrossed in Stone Junction– thanks for the rec, Erin.


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