i was born a unicorn

If I were gay, this would piss me off. Well, since I speak for all gays, it does piss me off. Way to devalue the sanctity of marriage and flaunt it around as some sort of corporate whoring. Jesus, with my wheat allergy, can you see me at this wedding? Nah, I would never be friends with someone with hair like that. Speaking of gay, German soldiers now have permission to have sex with each other. I smell amateur porn!

Oh fuck:

Idina Menzel, originator of Elphaba in the Broadway musical “Wicked,” fell through a trapdoor during her 2 PM preformance of the show this afternoon (1/8) a few scenes from the end of the show. The production took a 15 minute break and when the show came back on, Idina wasn’t there, instead her understudy had to go on. Idina was rushed to the hospital and reportedly has a broken arm.Tomorrow (1/9) was supposed to be her final preformance of her 3 year run with the musical.

Here’s another little secret: I borrowed the Gavin DeGraw cd from my coworker Kate and have been rackin’ out to it ever since. I has passed him off as another pretty face in a trucker hat or a poor man’s John Mayer. Don’t tell anyone, it will ruin my indie street cred.


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