can’t you just pretend to be nice

The Dresden Dolls are on tour with Nine Inch Nails. The hell?

This made me laugh. Maybe because I'm weird.

This one made me laugh. Maybe because I am mean.

This is pure genius.

I need to see some live music soon before I flip out.

You know when my blog consists of useless links that my life is pretty much in the shitter. Or perhaps has nothing of note to write about. Correction: nothing that I can write here because god knows who is reading this. For all I know my mother could have googled "hot indie rock boys" and found this site. Hi mom!

chris rock is not funny. i hate the academy awards.

I started to work on my t-shirts, I got some nice transfers and letters, so I will start making my DIY band shirts, like last summer. Any ideas? I was thinking the New Pornographers and/or nada Surf. Good names, and I have those letters.I also napped a copy of Worlds Apart, which I loved at first listen, something I don't often do. Some disagree, some liked.

Shit, the Oscars are boring. I haven no excitement. I think Sideways was overrated, will never see The Aviator, and know that Finding Neverland does not stand a chance. Star Jones is a fucking idiot. Everything she said had to do with food. She told Laura Linney that she should be microwaving Krispy Kremes. Wtf? The red carpet is not the time for bulimia tips. Shit, and Natalie Portman? What a shitty actress.

i’ve got blonde on blonde on my portable stereo

I made another list of recs for my brother, but it is worth checking out if you are looking for some good stuff.

Actually, check out my wish list and let me know if there is anything you have read/heard and let me know if it is worth my hard-earned money.

General mood: blah. I don't like work to suck all my general energy, but that is what seems to happening lately. I am call this weekend and have hours if things I need to fit in for next week, so no mental breaks this weekend. Been loving the deep, soulful IM chats I have been having with people, please keep it up.

Oh, and if you want to look at a cute puppy, look here. I'm just sayin'.

The Onion is basically reading my mind right now, so I can't help some post some stuff.

Woman Dozing At Coffeshop Has That Dave Eggers Sex Dream Again
IOWA CITY, IA—Freshly jolted awake from a peach-tea-induced nap, Sumatra Café patron Laurie Dubar said she had that same sex dream about bestselling author Dave Eggers. "I'm lying on the couch naked, and Dave is next to me, also naked, reading Salon on his laptop," said Dubar, a 34-year-old Iowa Writers' Workshop instructor. "Suddenly, he turns to me and says, 'Could you help me edit a collection of short fiction?' and I can't control myself any longer." Dubar said she always wakes up just as Sarah Vowell walks in wearing a kimono.

Speaking of:

we both reached for the gun

Tired and achy. I've been at work more than I have not this week.

Watched Law of Desire for class this week. Def. liked it better than the other Almodovar than I have seen, but still disturning. Kind of fatal attraction meets…something. I feel his movies have fantastic openings and finales, but the middles are just filler. Anyway, the message of this one is one I finally "get"- you can't force someone to desire you. Preach it, Pedro.

Wow, a movie about pop stars and gay incest. Sounds like fan fiction gone…right.

I'm partying like is is 2001. I've been listening to Interpol and Built to Spill like it's going out of style. Also developed a new obsession to Letter to Cleo. Yea, I said it.

Iron Hymen.

Out Hud has a new album coming out soon, check out "It's For you."

I Heart Huckabees is out on DVD today. I would reccomend it, even if just for Lily Tomlim and Mark Wahlberg's performance.

Miss you. Yes, you.