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Well, the first nice day in a while and I am doubled over in pain cooped up in my apartment. Fantastic.

I've been reading some writings by Emma Goldman and am fascinated. Not because I necessarily want to become an anarchist (although she does make a convincing case). I am more interested in how a Jewish female immigrant in the 19th century became the expert on anarchism. Go figure.

Holy crap- the trailer for the Island. This so better not suck.

Could The Onion be more awesome?????
Nation Planning Surprise Party to Cheer Up Conor Oberst
OMAHA, NE—American citizens are coordinating efforts to lift the spirits of wünderkind singer-songwriter Conor Oberst, sources reported Monday. "I saw Conor's picture in a Spin article about Bright Eyes, and he just looked so down," said Lindsey Keisner of Youngstown, OH, one of the party's 4,000 planners. "The country feels really bad that he's going through such a rough spell, so next Friday, everyone who can should meet in Omaha with balloons, funny cards, and silly little gag gifts." Britt Daniel from Spoon will lure Oberst to Omaha by asking him to overdub some vocals.


test transmission

So, apprently Grey's Anantomy was supposed to be good. Apparently everyone, including Brian told me I should watch it. Huh? Ew, I just realized Sandra Oh is in it. I hate her.

Dammit, just when I had swore it off forever….they names Charlie O'Connell as the next Bachelor. Now I need to watch it in case Jerry stops by. And to make sure they revoke my women's studies degree.

federline, yo

So, this week I watched Atame! and it was off the HOOK! Even though I knew the plot, the end still elicited a big WTF? Antonio Banderas is pretty awesome in it. He is pretty much fantastic before he crossed over to Hollywood. More Rossy DePalma, please!

Ok, here is another mix for the day:
I like to call it the wrist-slitting mix. Does that offend? Ok, in all seriousness, if you are crouched down in a dark corner rocking back and forth, and you are thinking, I need an mp3 mix for this! then here ya go.

three cheers for sweet revenge

So, a regular thing I am going to do is make "mix tapes" and post them here for those of you who are privvy to the wonderful world of mp3 players. You just have to dowload the file, and then unzip it (using Winzip or crap like that), and then open the file in itunes or whatever program you use. The site to get it from is reputable, it is basically a server to to store large files. The files I will send you are legit, on my end they are virus free, and I am not gonna maliciously send you corrupted crap, but you always might wanna scan it yourself. Ok, enough for this ITS mumbo-jumbo, the first one is:

a "dance" mix! Woo-hoo….not your typical one however. Much of it is rock/indie/punk but with a danceable beat. if my ass worked out, this is probably what I would listen to while I did it. Let me know what you think.
Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

pictures of the day:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

we’re justified and we’re ancient

Ugh. I would really like this weekend clear to rest, reflect, read, do some writing. However, I did commit to doing a lot for the Humane Society this weekend, so I won’t have as much rest up time as expected. I also should start looking for an outfit for my brother’s wedding, which is something I want to do less than give myself paper cuts. Maybe I’ll just get my old Bat Mitzvah dress and dye it black.

If you need to cry hysterically, please listen to Beck’s "Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime". It will do the trick, believe me.

Did anyone watch The Office on NBC last night? Was it good? Wait, don’t tell me. Okay, tell me.

The internet is evil. I have gotten so much music that I can barely listen to it all. I may never see liner notes again. Recently acquired:
Spoon- Gimme Fiction
Out Hud- Let Us never Speak of This Again
The Dears- No Cities left
The Stars- Set Yourself on Fire
Chemical Brothers- Push the Button
Raveonettes- Pretty in Black
Fiona Apple- Extraordinary Machine
Big Black – Songs About Fucking
Ash- Meltdown
Calexico- Hot Rail
Hot Hot Heat- Elevator
These Arms Are Snakes- Oxeneers
Weezer- 5th album
Mando Diao- Hurricane Bar
Letters to Cleo- Go!
Warrant- Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinkin’ Rich (awwwww yea)

No, please do NOT wish me a happy Easter. I don't care about it. And how dare you assume I am celebrating? Also, what if I wanted to go shopping on Sunday? Why is everything closed? Jesus Christ. Literally. And to think, I am planning on moving to the south.

I saw the president of the University at the post office trying to mail a letter. Apparently he didn't know how to do it. God help us all.

Next week, Sin City opens. Seems to be the start of an era of movies I really want to see.
Red Eye: Cillian Murphy directed by Wes Craven.
Amityville Horror– a good thriller + Ryan Reynolds
The Island: to me, it looks like Vanilla Sky meets Cube meets Minority Report meets Trainspotting meets Requiem for a Dream. Yea, I am probably completely off the mark. It's directed by Michael Bay, for Christ's sake.

Oh, Weezer, what has become of you?

Pictures of the day:

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


I know it's not cool to talk about the weather, but it is snowing here. About 6 inches already. Can anyone die from seasonal affective disorder?

WASHINGTON, DC—Days after unveiling new power-plant pollution regulations that rely on an industry-favored market-trading approach to cutting mercury emissions, EPA Acting Administrator Stephen Johnson announced that the agency will remove the "E" and "P" from its name. "We're not really 'environmental' anymore, and we certainly aren't 'protecting' anything," Johnson said. "'The Agency' is a name that reflects our current agenda and encapsulates our new function as a government-funded body devoted to handling documents, scheduling meetings, and fielding phone calls." The change comes on the heels of the Department of Health and Human Services' January decision to shorten its name to the Department of Services.

Ana Gasteyer is starring in Wicked.

Ryan Reynolds will play The Flash. BOING!