i can’t stay on your morphine because it’s making me itch

American Cities That Best Fit You:

75% Chicago
65% New York City
65% Philadelphia
65% Washington, DC
60% Boston

Which American Cities Best Fit You?

I hate to be so involved with work, but lately it has been consuming me and taking all my energy. So I just come home and burn cds and read Middlesex (finally).

Entourage is coming to DVD. Everyone and their mother has been telling me to watch it.

I need to keep up my duties at Silent Uproar immediately. Look for some more reviews very shortly.

What's up for the weekend? Seeing Hitchhiker's Guide and going on a shopping spree on someone else's money. Namely my programming fund from work. Even if I am just buying supplies for next year, I am getting a capitalist rush just thinking about it.

Also, a Raveonettes review:

Straight Outta Compton









I got myself a copy of Weezer's new album. Make Believe. Le sigh. It is quite bad. And embarassing for them. I can't believe this is the same band that made such masterpieces as the Blue Album and Pinkerton. It seems the songs were thrown together very quickly with no lyrical maturity. "Hold On" is just a pianful balad with Rivers moaning "Hold On" the whole time. And "My Best Friend" basically goes, "your my best friend, and I love you sooooooo". Rivers Cuomo is pushing 40 and that was the deepest he could get? This is so disappointing to me because Weezer had such an impact on my young life. I'll best most people my age can remember when they first heard "Buddy Holly". Listening to "the Sweater Song" made me realize that rock music could be so much more than big hair and spandex. Pinkerton then took the cake. Amazing. So amazing that the No Andrews Band even paid homage with a cover of "Tired of Sex". It's a sad time for music, people. Let's have a moment of silence.

Actually, I've never actual quantified albums/music that truly had a significant impact on my life. I'd say most of them are from when I was younger (Debbie Gibson's Out of the Blue, Weezer, Guns N Roses' Use Your Illusion I & II, Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral) as well as albums that made me rethink my musical tastes (The Strokes' Is This It, Rancids' And Out Come the Wolves). What music impacted you? I will dropkick the first person that says Britney Spears.

I finsihed the Red Tent this weekend and throughly enjoyed it. Although I was singing Joseph and the Amazing Color Dreamcoat in my head the whole time to keep track of all the sons of Jacob. Also devoured Laurie Notaro's new one. I rarely laugh out loud when reading a book. I can't tell you how much better she makes me feel about my life.

the song so good they named it thrice

Although it has yet to be built and I will move in several months, I am already thinking of ideas to decorate my new apartment. I plan to spend many hours hiding in it, so why not make it fucking cool. I got some vintage fabrics to use as wall hangings, some stencils to put on (possibly) the walls and perhaps t-shirts and pillowcases:

And quite possibly this wallpaper border for the bathroom. We'll see. My place isn't going to be all that big.

Went on a downloading frenzy, and snagged myself:

Apples in Stereo, Sound Effects
Bush, Golden State
NWA, Straight Outta Compton
cKy, Camp
Distillers, Sing Sing Death House
The Good Life, Album of the Year
Jesus and mary Chain, Darklands
Kaiser Chiefs, Employment
Kings of Convenience, Versus
Louis XIV, The Best Little Secrets are Kept
Nick Cave & the bad Seeds, Abattoir Blues
Old 97s, Wreck Your Life
The Starting Line, Based on a True Story
The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses
Television, marquee Moon
Twighlight Singers, She Loves Me
Wolf Parade, Wolf Parade
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, s/t

Anyone heard any of these? Are there some that I shouldn't bother with? The amount of new albums I have to listen to is redonk (30+), so please let me know if you have any opinions. Still on the prowl for the new Weezer album.

tired of fighting for a lost cause

Ok, here is what I have been talking up to several of you…David Cross’s It’s Not Funny. I really hated him for awjhile after the embrassment of Mr. Show, but if you have a long car ride or 2 hours not at work to listen to this, I strongly suggest it. It is what you would consider “liberal” humor, basically taking on homophobia/racism without being preachy (i.e. Margaret Cho). Although Bush-bashing is a bit overdone at this point, it is still funny. I’ve uploaded. You know what to do. And please don’t report me to the authorities.


Philosophical thought of the moment: is there a point in our early-mid twenties where our life is cemented and we become who we actually are- who we will be for the rest of our lives? No matter where I move to or what I do, what job, what apartment, the same shit always happens to me, always in a Groundhog Day-esque way. Same shit, different city. So, does moving somewhere else or chaning a job ever solve anything? Is it really truly possible to change our lives- change the sole core of our personalities and experiences?

I have lain in bed for half the day glued to The Red Tent. I got it a couple of years ago but first came out but never picked it up til now. It is fucking engrossing. I wish we had read this in Hewbrew School instead of those scary Torah Tunes slideshows.

The Bravery is already too cool for those who are too cool to admit they like them. I find them Mediocre but listenable.

Ted Leo does a cover of “Since U Been Gone"!

Weezer is basically shit now. Even Rivers Cuomo doesn’t want to be in the band.

These are the kinds of things that happen, though, when you're
living the moment, which is Cuomo's new mantra — untethered from miserable
thoughts about the past and future and free at last from the greedy ego, Cuomo
is currently in communion with his deep, true self. This self needs to be free,
and, accordingly, Cuomo has been careful not to make any pacts about future
Weezer recordings; he has also only agreed to support this album until the end
of this year.

Let’s wait for this one to suck.

Here is what I have been listening to lately:

Gorillaz, Demon Days
Alkaline Trio, Crimson
Andrew Bird, The Mysterious Production of Eggs
Kelly Osbourne, Sleeping in Nothing
Athlete, Tourist
Ben Folds, Songs for Silverman
Brendan Benson, The Alternative to Love
British Sea Power, Open Season
The Dandy Warhols, Welcome to the Monkeyhouse
Granddaddy, The Sophtware Slump
Idlewild, Warnings/Promises
Ivy, Long Distance
The Jesus and Mary Chain, Psychocandy
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, Ruin Johnny’s bar Mitzvah
Nine Inch Nails, With Teeth
Rufio, Perhaps,I Suppose
Starlight Mints, The Dream that Stuff Was Made Of
Joe Strummer, Streetcore
My Chemical Romance, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
Social Distorition, Live At the Roxy
Tilly and the Wall, Woo! EP
Rilo Kiley, Initial Friend EP

Sooo hot right now….
Tobey Maguire don’t give a fuck. He is just not giving into that heartthrob image and has “let himself go” as some would say. I like it. I want to just sit around with him and snack.
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The Dukes of Hazard looks intriguing. In the most superficial way ever.
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arlington queen

Some shit you need to know:

Watch MTV2 to see the show Wonder Showzen. It is pure genius, I promise. Just do it.

Have you heard the new Backstreet Boys album. Oh…neither have I.

Eleanor Rigby was equisite. What an awesome writer, has really grown since the days of Microserfs.

What the hell is this– this is so not the Weezer I know and remember. “Beverly Hills” is a fucking joke.

So there’s a new Pope. Or something.

Did anyone hear “Blue Orchid“? Whadya think?

Ok, also, here’s some shit I uploaded for my brother. Grab it if you want- they are zip files. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

2 Built to Spill albums:

Action Action and Muse (one you don’t have)

Bloc Party and Nada Surf

The Music and The Raveonettes

2 Ladytron albums

The Stills and Kasabian

Spoon and ….And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead