this station is non-operational

So, so tired.

I'm taking the show on the road for a while starting tomorrow, so I may not be able to update.

Marriage is a sick display of heteronormativity.

Finally watched Bad Education. I realized I had already seen it, when it was called the Law of Desire. Still, pretty good.

Haunted is some sick shit. Sick and amazing.

Coldplay's new album is fucking boring.


they’re showing this on both screens

I’ve come to accept the fact that I enjoy the internet more than people. I am more than happy to tinker on my already-outdated laptop, downloading music and reading random articles and looking at job openings that I won’t even be applying for. I tried to be all stoic when my internet was not working, not being dependent on it, but when I finally figured out how to get it working, you should have seen the spittle at the corners of my mouth. I am such a sad cliche of the technology age. At least I am not staying up late reading Roswell slash fiction. Heh.

Sad thing is, I actually have the urge to work on things for work. Yea, it’s my weekend, but I just want to take my work computer somewhere and work on a few things. I always swore I would never become one of those annoying, no-life reslife professionals who totally turn into these martyrs for their job. I guess I am not, because I recognize that it is my choice. And I guess it is okay because I am not spending my time doing rounds of my building or spending my nights running around the frsshman halls, the things I want to work on are setting up a webpage for my halls for next year and writing propasals for changes I need to see done.

Speaking of annoying reslife professionals, I will be at Residential Life Professional Conferences pretty much for the next two weeks. This week I am off to Rochester to a retreat for about 30 new professionals in the field, and I will be assigned a mentor in the field and we will talk about our competencies and shit. This can either be relly empowering or Dork Central 2005. I am debating whether I should go in as my “real” self, hating everyone and making fun of everyone in sight. Or go in with my professional attitude and actually try to take something from it. I guess I’ll decide when I get there. Then I am off to Boston for the NEACUHO conference.

You know what’s fucking amazing? “Twin Cinemas” by the New Pornographers. It’s from their new album, and I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on it. Check it out here.
The new Coldplay album? Not hot.
The new Mxpx album? So not hot.
Having a job that requires you to work during the summer? Not hot.

not having internet is so retro

Hey all, due to the fact that my internet won’t work in my house because of some dumb ITS policy, I am forced to be writing this from the public library. I know, I am so ashamed. This computer I’m writing from is like a Commodore 64. After I write this I am going to play some Pong. Although, the library does have some hot cds. I just checked out the John Spencer Blues Explosion, the Minutemen, and Aimee Mann. And the Empire Records Soundtrack (I’ve had a major urge to listen to that song, “Sugar High” that Renee Zellweger sings at the end with that punk dude. Remember? Please throw me a bone and let me know if you know what I am talking about).

New obsession: Audioscobbler. Check out my profile. Basically this site is a place for all us music snobs to get together and show off how cool we are and how indie we are. Of course I think it is genius. However, it is kind of embrassing, because it tracks everything you listen to. Like now the world knows I really love that stupid song by Crash Test Dummies…

So, there is a job opening at the NYU School of Medicine that looks oddly familiar to Corry McKee’s old job…can it mean that she is leaving?

The Real World Austin Premiers soon….I was all set to give up on it but dammit, I plan on moving to Austin, so now I am forced to.

Newsflash: Ewan MacGregor thinks it’s “unfortunate” that he’s never had sex with a man.

Someone is making the Ring 3. Good god, why?

Oh my God, someone answered my prayers:

BRANDON DAVIS, boyfriend of The OC star Mischa Barton, will star as the new face of Italian denim brand Replay. There will even be a new $500 pair of jeans named after him.

Ok, enough of this entertainment news, I feel like Pat O’Brien or something.

Not much going on, gonna take the long weekend and read Haunted by Chuck Palahnuik. My God, the man is a genius. Plus, reading the book is the best diet ever, because there is some freaky/stomach-churning shit.

getting spacier than an astronaut

I am listening to my top-rated songs, and I realized a lot of the tracks are covers. Here are some of my favorites:

Your Love– Midtown covers The Outfield
Cruel to Be Kind– The New Pornographers cover the oldie (also done by letters to Cleo)
Where is My Mind – Nada Surf covers The Pixies (and almost do a better job!)
Word Up – Korn covers Cameo (word up indeed)
Bizarre Love Triangle – Stabbing Westward covers….I fogot who did this originally
Come Sail Away – Me First and the Gimme Gimmes cover the 70s song
Complicated – Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab) covers Avril Lavigne. One of the best covers ever.
Call Me – I Am The World Trade Center Cover Blondie

Yesterday I went to Northampton to see a Rilo Kiley and Nada Surf show. It was so lovely seeing live music once again. I even had my own indie rock boy toy as an accesory (aka Brandon). However, we did realize that we are getting older because:
-Our feet were killing us from standing- why aren’t there more seats at shows?
-The show was loud, but not in a good way- the soundboard did a poor job of mixing the bass/vocals
-Encores are annoying- we know you’re coming back out, so why not just play through so we can all get home by our bedtime?

Yikes, I’m almost middle aged. Soon I am going to be buying 3 albums a year, one of them being U2 or Rob Thomas. If you see that happening, but me out of my misery.

It’s no secret that I love animated gifs. Especially when they show Tom Cruise acting like just like me.

is there a cure among us

I plan to be holed up in my cocoon this weekend. I plan on catching up on sleep for the week and generally hiding from the throngs of alumni and parents that are here for commencement.

To do list for this weekend:
– read Haunted
– read Magical Thinking
-listen to the new White Stripes album (that right, I got myself an advance copy, suckas)
-listen to the Hold Steady's Separation Sunday
– listen to my new discography of Spiritualized albums
– perhaps start watching Star Wars episodes 1, 2, and 4-6 and try to get into it
-decide what I want to do for the rest of my life

Some interesting pictures:

Image Hosted by
"You are such an amzing actor!" "No, you're amazinger!"

Ew, photos from the movie Rent. Rosario Dawson is getting on my nerves. They used the original cast, but replaced only the Mimi character with someone well-known. I wonder how the person who plays her feels. Anyway, this is obviously the "La Vie Boheme" scene. How soooo 1996.

What the HELL happened to Roger?

Welcome to lamesville. And by that I mean I will probably see it on opening day. I hate myself.

i hate myself and i want to die

Check out this email. I just soiled my shorts:

We are pleased to announce that we have just finished recording our second
album which will come out in the US this August on RCA. We will be touring again
in September. Stay tuned for the UK release date and touring plans coming soon.

For those of you in NYC, we will be debuting our new songs under the
name The Ligers this Friday (5/20) at The Bowery Ballroom. It is a party called
NY2LON including The Hong Kong, The Ordinary Boys and Amusement Parks on Fire.

We will be re-launching on July 1st. Check out the messageboard over the next couple weeks for show updates, studio footage, and audio streams from our new album.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again…


Ewan MacGregor and hayden Christiansen make out. In real life.

Summer has started and it doesn’t feel like it. I need to reprioritize my activities. I really need to write more reviews, because the more I do it the easier it will come. I am also going to take another acting class this summer because the one I am currently taking is not really doing it for me anymore.

I have been watching Entourage and I am not quite sure if I like it. Something about it bothers me, and I can’t quite place it.

Going to see Revenge of the Sith tomorrow along with everyone and their mother.


Something I have wanted to do forever is catalog all of my albums. And now, that dream has become a reality. Thanks to some cool software, I've been able to put it in list form. Please look at:

my music collection

My eyeballs are falling out from inputting all that.