not having internet is so retro

Hey all, due to the fact that my internet won’t work in my house because of some dumb ITS policy, I am forced to be writing this from the public library. I know, I am so ashamed. This computer I’m writing from is like a Commodore 64. After I write this I am going to play some Pong. Although, the library does have some hot cds. I just checked out the John Spencer Blues Explosion, the Minutemen, and Aimee Mann. And the Empire Records Soundtrack (I’ve had a major urge to listen to that song, “Sugar High” that Renee Zellweger sings at the end with that punk dude. Remember? Please throw me a bone and let me know if you know what I am talking about).

New obsession: Audioscobbler. Check out my profile. Basically this site is a place for all us music snobs to get together and show off how cool we are and how indie we are. Of course I think it is genius. However, it is kind of embrassing, because it tracks everything you listen to. Like now the world knows I really love that stupid song by Crash Test Dummies…

So, there is a job opening at the NYU School of Medicine that looks oddly familiar to Corry McKee’s old job…can it mean that she is leaving?

The Real World Austin Premiers soon….I was all set to give up on it but dammit, I plan on moving to Austin, so now I am forced to.

Newsflash: Ewan MacGregor thinks it’s “unfortunate” that he’s never had sex with a man.

Someone is making the Ring 3. Good god, why?

Oh my God, someone answered my prayers:

BRANDON DAVIS, boyfriend of The OC star Mischa Barton, will star as the new face of Italian denim brand Replay. There will even be a new $500 pair of jeans named after him.

Ok, enough of this entertainment news, I feel like Pat O’Brien or something.

Not much going on, gonna take the long weekend and read Haunted by Chuck Palahnuik. My God, the man is a genius. Plus, reading the book is the best diet ever, because there is some freaky/stomach-churning shit.


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