Yet another thing that makes me want to move to Austin:

Yet another thing that makes me not want to:
it's about 98 degrees here now, and I can't take it. Do I really want to move someplace hotter?

I know I said I would leave my comments about Harry Potter but I've had some separation from the book, so I kind of forgot what I was going to say.

I've entered into what I like to call the black hole of my job. For the next seven weeks, I will be living and breathing my job. Now we are getting ready for the year, then we have two weeks of intense training, then the frosh move in, then they have a week of orientation. This is the big deal. The point of it all. What people in my field work for. It's like if we were a Broadway show, this would be opening night. If I was in a gang, this would be the big showdown. Pick your favorite analogy.

Which means I have reached the one year anniversary of being at my job! This is a big deal because sad to say, this is the longest I have held a job since leaving college. (Counting grad school, where I had temporary internships that were supposed to last a short time). So this is kind of a big deal. Does that mean I am grown up?

Anyone read Good in Bed? I guess you could call it chick lit, but so far, so good. I need some light reading. I also just finished Electroboy. Interesting, realistic portrayal of mental illness. But boy, what an ego on that guy.


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