new Stellastarr* song

Two new movies that intrigue me: 9 Songs and The Aristocrats.

I got my mitts on a song from Stellastarr*'s upcoming album, due in August. Really, it's the only thing that is making life worth living. It's a fabulous little ditty called "Lost In Time." Listen away.

As I was laying in bed this morning listening to my ipod, I hit a stroke of genius. Sum 41 has totally ripped off Coldplay. "Pieces" has the same exact chord progression as Coldplay's "The Scientist." You are probably thinking you don't give a shit, but when I realized it, you'd think I had just discovered the meaning of life. I don't what is more pathetic: a band ripping off Coldplay, or the fact that Sum 41 is on rotation on my ipod. See for yourself:
Sum 41's "Pieces"
Coldplay's "The Scientist"

I've taken on two new projects. One is watching the entire series of Six Feet Under. I don't know why I never did before, but I am hooked. Right now I am in the middle of season 2.

The other thing is taking the GMAT. Yes, folks, I am thinking about getting my MBA. I know this may seem completely out of the blue and out of character for me, but it is something I am seriously considering. Anyway, I am quite cocky about the GMAT, thinking that I would ace the math part no problem. After taking a practice test, I was put in my place. I haven't done this stuff in a while, but I think it is like riding a bike. I just need to practice a little, and it will all come back to me. I miss it anyway- you should have heard my shrieks of delight when I got to use the pythagorean theorem. Standard deviations! Formula for the area of a trapezoid! It's like Christmas.

I've been acquring lots of music lately, big shocker, and a lot of it has been complete rubbish. Sufjan Stevens? Snore. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah? Hackneyed. New Super Furry Animals? Uninspired. The only promising things are Royksopp's The Understanding, if you like electronic stuff. And I recently discovered Shudder to Think, and have been collecting their discography. I hate when I realize there are awesome bands out there that I never even heard of when they were in their prime. Also good- Ash's first album, Trailer.

Oh my god, this looks like the most pretentious piece of garbage ever, starring the most annoying people ever: Elizabethtown. It looks for like Garden State 2: Back in the Garbage Bag. Cameron Crowe needs to get over himself before he turns into Wes Anderson.

Would you expect me to end this without Harry Potter pictures? Here are some new ones from the Goblet of Fire movie:

Free Image Hosting at
Holy cheekbones!

Free Image Hosting at
Cho Chang in costume. Whatever. I want to eat that owl!

Free Image Hosting at
I can only guess that this is in the common room after they talk to Sirius' disembodied head in the fireplace. Why is Hermione wearing pink? Wtf?


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