My ipod, RIP.

Well, I'm not to impressed with Apple, so I am going to try out some other mp3 players. Anyone have any ideas?
I am thinking about this one:

Things are so intense right now. With a three-day weekend coming up, I can finally separate my personal life (what's left of it) and my work life.

Meanwhile….The Memoirs of a Geisha trailer. Could be…good?

Has anyone heard the Shout Out Louds?


all the way with Stephanie Kaye

This is so sad it hurts.

Hey, parents, want to motivate your kids to get good grades?
Michelle Hope
Promise to take them to Omaha.

At the start of the school year, 16-year-old Michelle Hope of Lake Worth, Fla., made a deal with her mom, Dawn. If she got A's in honors English and history, would Mom take her to Omaha?

Dawn agreed, thinking the chances were slim.

Michelle earned the A's, all right.

"This wasn't supposed to happen," Dawn said this week during a three-day trip to Nebraska's largest city.

So why would a teenage girl leave the beaches of sunny south Florida for the Big O?

Conor Oberst

Because it's the hometown of another Big O – indie-rock superstar Conor Oberst.

Before flying back to Florida, Dawn and Michelle cruised around town in a silver limousine, visiting places where Conor has been: Creighton Prep; his childhood home, where his parents still live; Sokol Auditorium and a random stretch of Saddle Creek Road. At each stop, Michelle had the driver pull over so she could take pictures.

They went to the Antiquarium, an Old Market bookstore and record shop, where Michelle spent $200 on Bright Eyes records. She already owns the CDs but wanted the vinyl versions. She was thrilled to learn from an employee that Conor bought his first record player at the shop.

They went to Drastic Plastic, another Old Market music store, where Michelle bought five Bright Eyes T-shirts. It didn't matter that she already owns the same shirts. She wanted the ones from Omaha "because they're from his hometown," said Michelle, who wears an "I (heart) Conor Oberst" bracelet around her wrist. From her neck hangs a locket with a picture of – you guessed it – Conor.

OK, by now you might think Michelle is a little obsessed, maybe a little too into Conor. But the soft-spoken teen says she's not a stalker. She's simply a fan.

Other Conor groupies have made the pilgrimage to Omaha, where they wind up on the doorstep of his parents, hoping to catch a glimpse of the 25-year-old. He now spends most of his time in New York when he's not touring the world with his band, Bright Eyes.

It's one thing for out-of-town fans to come to Omaha for a Bright Eyes show or to hunt down the headquarters of Saddle Creek Records while passing through, but it's another to travel thousands of miles specifically to see Conor's hometown, said Jason Kulbel of Saddle Creek Records.

"It's a little weird that they would come this far," he said.

Michelle's mom – who allowed her daughter a budget of $6,500 for the trip – said she would have liked to have seen some of the city's more notable attractions, like the Henry Doorly Zoo, but she's happy that her daughter had such a blast in Omaha.

"I can't even get her to see the big dome," Dawn said, referring to the zoo's desert attraction. "She's only into Conor country."

The trailer for Stay:

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Viktor Krum with the Durmstrang cohort. Fella's got a hell of a hairline.

Anyone like mashups? This one is insane.
Finally. Just when we might have given up hope of ever hearing it, The Earl has dropped his Summer Mix 2005. It seems to include the following artists, all at the same time:

Dr Alimantado / David Byrne / Zion y Lennox / The Clash / Ini Kamoze / Mashonda / Damien Marley / Leslie Winer / Erika Badu / Faye Wong / Jay-Z / Brian Eno / Massive Attack / Wong Kar Wai / Mad Professor / 50 Cent / Angelique Kijdo / Gwen Stefani / Miles Davis / Usher / M.I.A. / Robert Fripp

Thanks to the wonders of Netflix, I have been able to consume this gem of cultural history. For those who have never seen it, it is a low budget teen show that is supposed to have a moral message. A serial After School Special if you will. But god, how awful it was. And by awful I mean amazing. Back in junior high school I had a class called "guidance" where we used to watch episodes and discuss them. I love remembering back to nuggets of childhood such as this. The first season revolves around Stephanie, who dresses like a school marm but when she gets to school, she goes to the girl's room and puts on "sexy clothes." And voila, you have some of the relics of the worst fashion of the eighties, including striped bra tops and hot pink leggings that came up about three inches past her waist. When I saw these I thought she was amazing, now it is funny to see she is a gap toothed slut. And there are these two curly haired twins that are so fucking annoying that I want to scream. Anyone else remember this stuff? Onnie?

Lawsuit targets 'Scissors' memoir

By David Mehegan, Globe Staff August 2, 2005

Three years after it was published, a best-selling memoir about a Northampton psychiatrist and his family has drawn a lawsuit alleging defamation, emotional distress, fraud, and invasion of privacy.

Using made-up names in his 2002 book ''Running With Scissors," Northampton author Augusten Burroughs described living several years with a psychiatrist, ''Dr. Finch," and his crazy family in the late 1970s. ''Dr. Finch" was given custody of Burroughs, who was then about 9, by his troubled mother. A movie version of ''Running With Scissors" — directed by ''Nip/Tuck" creator Ryan Murphy and starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Annette Bening, Alec Baldwin, and Vanessa Redgrave — is due out next year.

Six members of the Turcotte family, whose patriarch was Dr. Rodolph H. Turcotte, who died in 2000, are suing Burroughs, his agent, and publisher St. Martin's Press in Middlesex Superior Court. The suit demands a public retraction of the book and a public statement that it is fiction and not a memoir. The suit also asks that the publisher be enjoined from continued publication and distribution of the book.

The suit alleges that even with the name change, the ''Finches" were easily recognizable as the Turcottes. It also contends that Burroughs ''fabricated events that never happened and manufactured conversations that never occurred" in order to ''knowingly cause harm and humiliation to the Turcotte family." The complaint also says Burroughs identified the Turcottes in media appearances, including an interview in People magazine, and that he presented them as ''an unhygienic, foul, and mentally unstable cult engaged in bizarre and at times criminal activity."

Howard M. Cooper of Boston, the Turcotte family's lawyer, said the prospect of the film, now in production, precipitated the complaint. ''With the forthcoming movie," he said, ''the family is living in fear that there will be utter devastation to their reputations, and the invasion of their privacy will be complete." The suit does not attempt to block the release of the movie from TriStar Pictures.

In the story, the ''Finch" psychiatrist and family members are bizarre to varying degrees. The mother eats dog food, while a pet cat is tortured, killed, buried, and dug up again. A pedophile, who molests the boy, lives in a shed out back. The psychiatrist, described as a Santa Claus look-alike, dispenses pills recklessly and at one point helps the boy fake suicide with alcohol and Valium to avoid going to school. Despite the elapsed decades, much of the action is described in fine detail, including gestures and dialogue.

Reached yesterday by telephone, Burroughs said of the complaint, ''I can't comment at all." Gregg Sullivan, associate director of publicity for St. Martin's Press, said, ''We don't comment on matters under litigation."

this band will change your life

In my email today:

We’re heading out on the road to support our new album, ‘Harmonies for the Haunted’ which will be released in the US on September 13th on RCA.

Our current website is under construction, but you can find news links and stream two new songs on the message board.


The tour dates are as follows:

8/31/05 Boston, MA * WFNX Show (Call WFNX for tickets)
9/9/05 Montreal, QC * Cabaret Music Hall
9/10/05 Toronto, ON * Horseshoe Tavern
9/12/05 Columbus, OH * the Basement
9/13/05 Chicago, IL * Metro-Smart Bar

9/17/05 Seattle, WA * Chop Suey

9/18/05 Portland, OR * Doug Fir Lounge

9/21/05 LA, CA * El Rey
9/22/05 SF, CA * Popscene

9/23/05 SF, CA * The Independent
9/24/05 Santa Barbara, CA * Velvet Jones
9/25/05 Solana Beach (San Diego), CA * Belly Up Tavern
9/28/05 Dallas, TX * Trees
10/1/05 Atlanta, GA * The Loft at Earthlink Live
10/2/05 Orlando, FL * The Social
10/4/05 Philadelphia * The T.L.A
10/5/05 Washington, DC * 9:30 Club
10/6/05 NYC * Irving Plaza
10/7/05 Boston, MA * The Paradise

Thanks for your support,
Shawn, Michael, Mandy & Arthur


NARAL Pro-Choice America Unveils Television Ad Focusing on John Roberts Record of Siding with Violent Anti-Choice Fringe Groups

[Salivating]An interview with Chuck Klosterman[/Salivate]


The trailer for Everything Is Illumninated.

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Also got an advance of the new Death Cab for Cutie album, Plans. I'm not a huge fan, but I know several of you will be panting for it. Lemme know if you want it. I also got the new Transplants, Hunted Cities, and oh my god it makes one's ears bleed.

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The Garden

A spaceship crash-lands on an unknown planet. The two surviving astronauts, a man and a woman, realize the spaceship is damaged beyond repair and that it will be impossible for anyone to come rescue them. They find they are able to live easily off the bountiful vegetation, which provides everything they need—indeed, the setting turns out to be idyllic. Eventually, they procreate and start a family on their new planet. This couple becomes known to later generations as … Richard Benson and Margaret Wilson, crewmembers on NASA's lost Voyager mission, which disappeared after failing to follow proper emergency procedures.

All the Time in the World

A humble bank clerk bemoans the hectic pace of his life because it limits the time he gets to spend with his books. After an H-bomb attack, the clerk emerges from a bank vault to learn that everyone else on Earth has perished. The man becomes ecstatic when he realizes he finally can read as much as he likes. Later, however, he finds he must spend a lot more time foraging for food than he expected, and at the end of the day he just wants to sleep, so the whole thing is a bit of a washout.

Eye of the Beholder

In a hospital, her head completely wrapped in bandages, a young woman waits for the result of a last-ditch operation to alter her disfigured face so she will not have to be sent to live at a reservation of outcasts. Throughout the episode, the viewer hears the voices of the doctors and bedside family members but never sees their faces. When the bandages are finally removed, they reveal a plain-faced woman with several visible scars. The woman's father says the surgeon probably did the best he could under the circumstances and sends his daughter to Sarah Lawrence.

Where Is Everybody?

A man emerges from his office to find the hallways mysteriously devoid of co-workers. He wanders the silent, empty building looking for signs of life but finds no trace of humanity other than coffee brewing, purses slung over chairs, and folders lying open on desks. Suddenly, he remembers a mandatory meeting in the first-floor conference room.

The Monsters Are Due on Oak Street

After sighting an unusual meteor overhead, suburban residents become increasingly paranoid when their electric power suddenly fails to function. As the tension mounts, the neighbors begin to suspect one another of being disguised aliens that caused the mysterious outage, making wild accusations and attacking each other. Then one man hears on his radio that the blackout was caused by a Texas-based energy company that manipulated the power grid. The residents become outraged over this for a few days and then fixate on property taxes.

Good Charlotte find Hilary Duff inspiring. (for you, Ern)

I'm thinking about classes I want to take this Fall: something on Bioethics or another Theater class. Or maybe both.