more tunes

So here is a combo of two things that completely irk me: Sufjan Stevens and Christmas. I know many of you get your panties moist over him, so here is a collection of his Christmas music.

Pretty to look at, Snoozefest 2005 to listen to.

Also, because it actually does rule, here is the groundbreaking 1988 debut from Tiffany. Yes, that Tiffany. It is actually catchy. You know you want it. Bonus points if you remember the amazing tv moment that featured "could've been".


my daddy’s crazy!

if hell exists, than for me it is being trapped in a shopping mall on a Sunday afternoon, being forced to eat shitty frozen yogurt in front of Hollister Co. In know I always moan about this, but shopping malls are the bain of my existence. Maybe because it reminds me of my youth. Wait, when I was younger, it was fun- it meant pizza at Sbarro's and then off to Waldenbooks to get the most recent Baby-Sitters Club book. Later in my teenage years it meant buying posters of the Nelson twins and meeting creepy boys and getting felt up by the pay phones. Anyway, it is pathetic how many people go to the mall for entertainment, and wander around endlessly, and the obnoxious trends that are displayed in the windows. if I see one more peasant skirt or sweater shrug, I will barf.

Squeeeee! Look what is coming out on dvd!

Seriously, this is good shit. Maybe a bit melodramatic and all the white men look the same to me, but is like Little House on overdrive.

every little thing that you say or do,

Bush wants to tap me for the Supreme Court.
Warning: private jokes that many of you won’t get unless you worked for the ‘Way during the “glory years”, aka 2001. That picture cracks me up. It was taken almost 5 years ago, was egregiously photoshopped, was taken when I drank Rolling Rock like it was air, and was taken on a day where Erin and I were vying for the attentions of a certain webmaster.

for erin

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Other completely irrevant things:

Kirk Cameron teaches you how to not be intimidated by an atheist. I'm intimidated by the fact that my brother is his long lost twin. Watch how they use a banana as proof that evolution is a sham. Apparently, God modeled it after a soda can. I'm not ridiculing their faith, I'm spitting on the way they explain it.

Here are some clips from Goblet of Fire. For the love of Christ, STOP RELEASING THIS STUFF! I feel like I already saw the movie. Shit, Ron is a piece.

This was put together by the most anal person in America. TV show mistakes.

A friend sent this to me. I think it is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. Kermit's trip to NY.

Found photos: someone processed film found in old cameras. Awesome.

Worst Halloween costumes of all time.

Finally, Robbie Williams may be the vainest person ever. If you pay to be part of his fan club, you can see his goods. I have to admit, it is tempting. Don't watch that at work.

harmonies for the haunted

Erin puts into words everything I was feeling in grad school. This reminds me why I don't want to be in school again. I can barely sit through 90 minute division meetings at work.

Speaking of, I'm going to talk about work. So prepare to be bored. I hate that I am letting work get to me in the evening. I am super busy, things keep coming up, and I feel like I am not at all relaxed, that I am running around putting out one fire after another. I leave at the end of the day after struggling just to get everything back to neutral. There are so many extra things I want to do and so many programs I want to implement, but I feel I don't have the time. Managing 21 employees is no easy task, and I think next year there is the possibility that I will be acquring more staff. My stomach churns thinking about it. So at night I can barely relax becaue I am running through my to-do list for the next day. Doesn't help that my ass can't get up and into work before 9:30am.

Bitch, bitch moan moan. My life is sooooooooo haaaaaaaaaard. In perspective, the semester is almost over. Spring semester is usually easier, I enjoy Spring semester staff training, it could be worse- like organizing an Election Protection trip.

Thanks to all who asked about how my parents are doing in the aftermath of the hurricane. My mom is all, "whaaaaahhhh, our screened in veranda blew away" meanwhile some elderly lost their homes. They just got their power back, but no cable or internet. Dear god, how will they survive? For them, that is the apocolypse. I imagine them lighting a bonfire in the middle of the living room and wearing animal skins. I suggested to my Dad that he read Haunted if he is bored. That should clue him on on how seriously twisted his daughter is.

I'm just about finishing the fourth season of Six Feet Under. I have truly become deeply invested in the characters of the show, considering I watched all 50 or so episodes in the span of a few weeks. I just can't quite understand the appeal of Brenda- she is a self-absorbed, self-pitying narcissist (projecting much?). I am trying to like Claire but why do the ups and downs of her life have to revolve around who she is sleeping with? She would be so fucking annoying to have as a friend. Thank god Billy is back. After Joe was kicked to the curb, I need some eye candy. And I am sick of Ruth and her "I'm so pretty and quirky, love me" attitude as well as her temper tantrums. Thanks god for scene selection features on dvds.

Who doesn't have a blog these days? Now Tim does too. I's like to point out that I was the one who thought of the web address for it. Tim is the shit. I knew him way back from my days at Pratt, he was an RA (although he probably denies that now). He was the one who I sublet from summer of 04 when I lived in Brooklyn before I moved to CT. My favorite memories of Tim are when John and I would make inappropriate comments about him while he was there and completely alienate him. Hey, who DON'T I do that to?

Has anyone read The Secret History?

gayest. post. ever.

Ok, it's no secret I enjoy a little eye candy now and then. Looking at attractive people is something that doesn't make me gag. But this is going to far. This is the gayest site ever. I gotta give them credit, there's no pretenses here. Every post just talks about attractive men and will analyze their body parts and will inform the reader of movies and shows in which an attractive man will appear in, esxpecially if he is nude or making out with another man. Let me squash the rumors that I am actually the webmaster. Note, it is NOT safe for work. It's not too bad, but some buttocks here and there.

and….hot DAMN Chris Evans.
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