I keep a close watch on this heart of mine.

I watched Walk the Line today. I feel lukewarm about it. The storytelling was not too intriguing. Johnny Cash becomes famous, gets addicted to amphetemines, destroys his marriage, finds redemption. True to any music biopic, it included the requisite montage of recording music, adoring fans, singles climbing the charts (also used extensively in Josie and the Pussycats, That Thing You Do!, Almost Famous, and Great Balls of Fire). If anything, the music sequences were outstanding. Both Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon did an excellent job with the singing, performing, and stage demeanor. I don't love sountry music, but I do appreciate Johnny Cash's music, so I found those sequences well worth the watch. The soundtrack is well worth owning, maybe I will post it again sometime soon. The acting was great, but the story did not grab me. To be fair, it was someone's life, but it is hard to relate to a "character" that is also a famous musician. Plus, it is hard to sympathize with Johnny Cash. He squandered away his time, money and fame, he had a heavy drug addiction, he cheated on his wife, he neglected his children, he hurt everyone he was close to. I wish hey spent more time on his interest and empathy for in prisons, because those were some of his best performances. It also shows that Reese actually is a good actress, and always doesn't have to be the "cute one." I guess this kind of makes up for Legally Blonde and Just Like Heaven. Almost. And was their any doubt that Joaquin would be amazing?

Update: some tracks

Joaquin Phoenix "I Walk the Line" 

Joaquin Phoenix "Ring of Fire" 

Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon "Jackson" 

let’s play funny/not funny

Stephen Colbery hosted the WhiteHouse correspondents dinner. Basically all he did was make fun of them. Do they realize that his whole schtick is to make fun of conservative political pundits? That's like the Democrats hiring a dirty hippy to host an event. There are some pretty fun quotes. Also, here's a clip. I am totally stoked that Stephen Colbert is getting the attention he deserves for being an amazing comedian, but I think he should lay off this politics thing and remember his roots and work on his perfection of Mr. Noblet.

a note about the title

Thanks for all of you that wrote to me telling me that I meant to title my blog "for all intents and purposes." Yes, I know that's what the saying is. It is actually a pet peeve of mine when people don't say it correctly. Hence, the title of my blog is a culmination of that pet peeve as well as a double meaning for the phrase. It's called IRONIC HUMOR PEOPLE. Look into it.