what’s going on with everyone else?

Tim is afraid that the killer chimps will attack him from Sierra Leone. I think that the media is correct in asserting that chimps aren’t just cute little things that ride bicycles and wear clothes in commercials. However, they aren’t mindless killing machines unless actually threatened are provoked. The smarter an animal is, the more likely it will be violent “for sport”.

Erin declares her love for lesbian comedy.

Matt and Ruth post pics of themselves in compromising positions. Why does Ruth look like she is about to crack up?

TC posts more about “gunners” in law school, which is basically…well, you can read how she describes them. This is interesting to me, because every sort of field has its version. You know, those over-achievers who need to need to get their hands in everything not because they really want to, but because they want to get their hands in everything. This even happened in grad school. Everyone wanted to voluteer to do research with someone, do some sort of extra internship, present at a conference, blah blah. Really, what was it all for? I kind of get caught up in that to. When I first started my job I joined every committee under the sun, volunteered to write every proposal, etc. What for? Was I really interested? I’m better off just doing what I am really interested in. Although the back of my mind still wants to pad my resume. I hate that I get caught up in it. Although it sounds like law school is a much worse situation. If I were in law school, I think I would be permanently emotionally damaged. This is not to take offense to my friends in law school, I am just in awe of your stamina and dedication.

And where in the heck is Laila? She either was attacked by killer monkeys from Sierra Leone or either wandering the streets in a tartan kilt mumbling to herself.

Brandon is preparing for his doctorate in queer super heroes.

For the rest of you, update your mothertruckin blogs and I’ll mention you.

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