yea so

today I woke up totally into being grumpy, but the sun is shining and I realized here are some good things to think about
1. I have my leftovers from the Mexican restaurant for lunch

2. The meetings I have this afternoon are all with people I like

3. I reactivated my Netflix so I can get the fifth season of Six Feet Under

4. I totally didn't shower today and I grabbed the skirt I am wearing was at the bottom of the dirty laundry pile (business casual my ass!)

5. My next three weekends are actually action packed and have planned events.

I could actually think of 10 times as many annoying things, but that would have been what you expected me to do, so I thought I's throw you a loop.

In other news, my cell phone basically stopped working, but I have no desire to replace it. I like being freed from it.

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