it’s a youtube kind of day

I have three more episodes to watch from Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica. I am kind of putting it off because I want to stretch it out as long as possible. Ok, so I have never really been this much into scfi before (does Roswell count? Prob not) but I don’t know if there are certain hallmarks of what makes good scifi. FOr me, any sort of scifi has to be believable. Well, the whole premise is fantasy, but within the context of the set premise, things need to be reasonable. BSG has kind of annoys me in certain ways and violates this because,

-things always turn out because of some unlikely coincidence at the very last moment. Wait, we figured out that fetal cylon blood cures cancer five minutes before the president dies of cancer! Wait, we realize that we have extra ammo right before a cylon raider shoots us down! Wait, someone arrives with news that they figured out how to program a cylon computer virus seconds before they intercept the network! It gets a little too convenient sometimes.

-Did they somehow forget that they found a map to earth? Isn’t that the fucking premise of the show? Please start trying to find it soon.

-If there is a guest star on the show, there is a 99% chance that they will die at the end of the episode. Usually at the expense of one of the main characters, and they never feel any remorse. Speaking of death, I know it is the military and they must be used to it all the time, but someone’s only true love or best friend will die in one episode and by the next episode they are long forgotton and the person is totally sleeping with someone else or in total good spirits.

-Characters will be shot in the chest and then fully recovered in the next episode.

– I know I may think to much about this, but where the hell did they get their clothes? There was just a FRIGGING NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST. Everything was supposedly wiped out within a matter of minutes. Where does President Roslin get her power suits? Who feathers her hair everyday? Where does Baltar get his pinstripe Versace suits? Where do the women get their hoochie dresses and stilletos that they wear to the bar on Cloud 9? These questions keep me up at night.

So yea, I know it’s a tv show, but sometimes things just seem too convenient. I have been looking for some really bad fanfiction so I can send it to Brandon and pretend I wrote it. No luck yet. I may just have to write some myself. Just kidding…or am I?

Anyway in my searches I found this pretty hot fan-made video. Any action sequence set to awesome indie music is cool. Especially Muse, who may be the most amazing band ever.


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