ballad of Maxwell Demon

I rewatched Velvet Goldmine tonight because I borrowed it from someone to copy. This movie totally polarizes people, who either have no idea what is going on (with all the Oscar Wilde references), or those that totally worship it, a.k.a., me. It’s kind of funny, it’s like some production company approached me and asked me what my dream movie would be. And I’m all, “hmmmmm, well, let’s make a movie about glam rock stars. Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor, and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers will star, and at different points they will don makeup and andogymous appearances. Let’s throw in lots of music video montages and a cameo from the band Placebo. Oh, and OBVS the three stars should have sex with each other at various times in the movie.” And then the filmmakers were all “Done and done.”

The soundtrack is pretty dope too.


Ok, so I also watched Rent which is fairly painful at times. However, “Will I?” still gets me every time.

I’m actually going to a conference where Anthony Rapp is the keynote speaker. Wtf?


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