Nothing like some no-frills rock. Remember Van Halen before they were all over VH1?

Van Halen, “Why Can’t This Be Love?”



Apparently babies are the new Louis Vuitton bags. How classist is that? Apparently, according to this logic, “welfare mothers” should also be trendy and hip. But raising the child correctly is sewwwwww last century. I miss the days when scrunchies were the trend, not living human beings.

Motherhood Is Hip

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some movie news

Well, musicals are kind of hot right now. Tim Burton will direct Johnny Depp in a musical version of Sweeney Todd, which makes me dribble a little bit. But can he sing? I don’t think so. Now, only if Kate Winslet is cast as Mrs. Lovett, my prayers will be answered. Zac Efron, the cute Jewish boy from High School Musical, will star as Link in the movie version of the Hairspray musical. But can he sing? Apparently not- his voiced was digitially altered in High School Musical. Jeff Buckley biopic is also in the works. Who will star in that? The possibilities are endless. I say Ewan MacGregor. But they will probably cast Jared Leto or some shit like that.

I also recently rewatched Shakespeare in Love and coincidentally watched the recent version of the Merchant of Venice and I thought, what has my boyfriend Josepeh Fiennes been up to lately? Well, supposedly he shies away from films instead favoring stage plays. Well! Excuse us! Apparently, he feels that playing a child molestor in the upcoming Running With Scissors and starring in The Darwin Awards with Winona Ryder, about how people die in really dumb ways are good choices for practicing his craft. Good choices, idiot.

gayer than a Clay Aiken Christmas special

Heh. I am still kind of upset about Superman Returns. However, this made it not so bad:

KEVIN SPACEY: The campest Lex Luthor ever, full of queeny lip curls and bitchy sarcasm.

PARKER POSEY: Steals every scene she’s in in a whirlwind of fur and pearls, with a fluffy Pomeranian clutched permanently to her breast.

BRANDON ROUTH: Never mind speculation over the actor’s sexuality; visually the new Superman is the queerest thing this side of Krypton. With thick foundation caked on his chiseled face and cheap blue Claire’s Accessories contact lenses (this movie has the NASTIEST makeup), you half expect Superman to get frosted highlights in his trademark black lacquered hair at any moment.

THE BULGE: All post-movie talk was of the digitally de-bulged red Y-fronts, so expect “I’ve been digitally de-bulged” to become the new “it’s cold in here” for short-cocked men of the world.

VERDICT: Superman is gayer than your gay uncle in Gaysville. Go see!

Also, for you meganerds, here is someone who scientifically analyzed all of Superman’s powers.

bright lights big city

So a poll question: Is it ever ok to accept a job offer, then get another job offer that is better and take back the first job offer? We are talking about how the second job offer pays buckets more, and is obviously a hige step up from the first job offer. Is there ever a time when this is acceptable? Has this happened to you or someone you know?

No, I am not currently in this predicament (I wish I was) but this issue comes up a lot in my professional field and I know several people who have had this dilemna.

some irrelevant things

You know your week is going slow when you get excited about a new humidifier. Well you guys I really needed it and I think I filled it with liquid cocaine. I could just lay under it for hours. Plus it has a neon blue light in it so it looks like it spouts blue steam. It doesnt take much to get me entertained.

Ok and so this morning I realized I dress like an infant. In the summer 99% of the time I wear skirts, dresses or skirts with leggings and my flats or my fucking awesome Chucks. That means I haven’t operated a zipper, button, or shoelace on myself in weeks. I find this kind of creepy and sad. Pretty soon I’ll be wearing:

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

(Those pics were dedicated to Mr. Rekab.) Oh what else? I started watching I, Claudius and Carnivale. And I just got the new Jay McInernery book.

That and I am basically having my quarter life crisis. But you’ll have to wait a bit for more of my prvileged whining soon.

offensive material is not offensive when it is witty.

This gave me probably the only laugh I will have of the day. Some people are offended by this type of humor. And that annoys me. Sometimes dealing with the horrible and unimagineable is easier to deal with when satire is involved. That’s why I joke about suicide all the time. Ha ha ha people. Anyway,
Somilia Beats Rwanda to Win Third World Cup. (from The Onion)

Sudan, Somalia

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