rolling like thunder

It is scientifically impossible for Elton John to write a bad song. Exhibit A: “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues.”


some album recs

All of these are incredibly incrediblely awesome, each different from each other. Up for only a week.

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[ The Russian Futurists – Me, Myself and Rye ]

The Russian Futurists are a Canadian indie-pop band based in Toronto. Their music has been described as lo-fi and indie-electronica. Although they initially had only one member, Matthew Adam Hart, the band was later enlarged.

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[Old 97s – Too Far to Care ]

The Old 97’s are an “alt-country” band originally based in Dallas, Texas. The group formed in 1993 and took their name from an old country song popularized by Johnny Cash, “Wreck of the Old 97.” They describe themselves as a rock band with influences as varied as the Kinks, the Beatles, the Pixies, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard. The band often performs country standards made famous by the latter two musicians, and has interspersed a number of these on their half-dozen albums over the last decade.

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[ The Dears – Gang of Losers ]

The Dears are a Canadian indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec.The band’s music has been described as a cross between The Smiths, Serge Gainsbourg and Joy Division, with Lightburn’s singing voice being likened to that of Blur‘s Damon Albarn and, more obviously, Morrissey of The Smiths.


I just joined to pay for dental school.

Some Battlestar tidbits (thank you Google alterts!):

The Season 3 premier will be a two hour movie. Woot woot!

An interview with Aaron Douglas.

The allure of Battlestar Galactica. Why is Lucy Lawless there? I hate when she acts like she is the star of the show. She was in like, two episodes.

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golden oldie

Black Box; “Strike It Up

I looooved this group.


unlimited my ass

Fuck Netflix. Why does it take 10 days to receive my dvds when the processing plant is in Hartford, 10 miles from where I live? This infuriates me. Either they are pursposely slowing it down because I rent a lot orthey are incompetent. I get six rentals at a time, supposedly unlimited, and because of the slow processing, I have gotten an average of 13 in two months. Whatever. I’m pissed. I am switching to Blockbuster online. They seem to have just as many movies and you get coupons for free rentals in the store. We’ll see. And that’s my new endorsement.


ever dreamed of having your own island full of girls?

Slate posted an exerpt from Feminist Chauvanist Pigs, a work I thoroughly enjoyed about female raunch culture, a.k.a., the new feminism. This exerpt talks about Girls Gone Wild. The sad thing is (among a lot of sad things) is that every aspect of it is orchestrated.

“Dispaches From Girls Gone Wild