unlimited my ass

Fuck Netflix. Why does it take 10 days to receive my dvds when the processing plant is in Hartford, 10 miles from where I live? This infuriates me. Either they are pursposely slowing it down because I rent a lot orthey are incompetent. I get six rentals at a time, supposedly unlimited, and because of the slow processing, I have gotten an average of 13 in two months. Whatever. I’m pissed. I am switching to Blockbuster online. They seem to have just as many movies and you get coupons for free rentals in the store. We’ll see. And that’s my new endorsement.


4 thoughts on “unlimited my ass

  1. just got done w/ blockbuster online. you can get a free month if you order papa john’s. at first they were lightening fast with DVDs, then they slowed down after about 2 months. but I’m cancelling bc I just don’t need to watch that many movies, what with school starting up again… good luck

  2. I got screwed by Netflix too. I wanted “Pride & Prejudice” the day it came out so Chris could see it before the Oscars. I had returned a DVD the day prior too so that they would fill the order on the day of release. They received my order early that morning but waited all day to fill my next entry on the queue. Consequently I couldn’t get P&P, since it quickly went into “long wait.” I was really pissed off about it and almost quit, but I instead I cut back my allotment to 1 at a time. I’d never go to Blockbuster, b/c I HATE Blockbuster. They’ve sent everyone decent independent video place out of business in DC and it makes me sick. They’re stores are HORRIBLE. I had THE WORST experience I’ve ever had in a store when I went to their Adams-Morgan location one time. NO WAY would I sign up with that monster of a company. Don’t do it!!!!!!!

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