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Screw all my problems. I got the new Rapture album. Will upload tomorrow.


[The Rapture; Pieces of the People We Love]

project r-way

So what was with the shirtless porn shot of Kayne at the beginning? At least now I know he’s a natural redhead.

Jeffrey is vile. But I liked his outfit. Damn.

Um, is wrong that I was surprised that Angela was married? God, she looked like shit. And I hate her over the top reactions.

Could Laura’s stuff be more boring? Why didn’t she get called out about making the same dress over and over again and Uli did? Go have more babies.

Michael is the coolest person to ever live.

2 years of my life I will never get back

Yes, I do realize that we are coming up on the second anniversary of this here blog. Wow. Two years of posting pics of hot celebs and bragging about my music collection. It’s been tiring. There’s a big retrospective planned. Think Katie Couric’s last day on the Today Show. And ,ultiply that by a hundred, and that’s what you have to look forward to.