Mission of Burma

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[Mission of Burma; The Obliterati]

Mission of Burma has been around for a while, and quite influential in the start of the independent music scene. They are still making albums, and I think they only get better with time.


Pete Yorn

Oh my god! I like a Pete Yorn album! How embarassing. I have to give him credit, on this album he actually fogured out the structure of a song, instead of just fumbling around on his guitar and whining. If you like faux-folk and semi-pretentiousness, this is your album. Seriously, it isn’t half bad.

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[Pete Yorn; Nightcrawler]

not really ugly

So I broke my vow of not watching network tv and watched Ugly Betty which was supposed to be really good. Well, I thought I had already seen it when IT WAS CALLED THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.  And like that movie, the whole thing just upset me. Here is a girl who is supposed to be ugly (omg she has glasses! how ugly!) and people treat like shit yet she still does everything in her power to please them. Yea, it’s supposed to be some sort of ugly duckling story, but the way she would really win is tell them all to fuck off and go somewhere where her talents are appreciated. Instead “winning” is being somewhat accepted by her boss. And if a romance thing starts there, that would be bullshit. Although interesting, Daniel the boss is played by the “Gregster” from Cruel Intentions. I have a disgustingly sharp talent to identify most actors from something else. I hate mainstream entertainment.

The war of the goths.

At the gym this morning I saw two ridiculously self-righteous videos from A.F.I. and My Chemical Romance. Apparently hot topic goth is back. With a vengeance. Both videos are ridic. How can they take themselves so seriously? Kids these days, this is all the punk they have available to them. And the sad part it, A.F.I. used to be a decent punk band. Then they started taking themselves too seriously. The bigger question is, which androgynous overdramatic singer is hotter, Gerard Way or Davey Havok? I will go with Davey, who has better hair and wear blue glitter eyeshadow.

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Also, here is an older album from AFI when they were good.

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[A.F.I.; Black Sails in the Sunset]