Essential albums: Rilo Kiley

First learning about Rilo Kiley in 2003 really changed my whole view on music. When I listen to this stuff I realize that I will never even have an inkling of talent to write a song. THe lyrics are cryptic and thoughtful without being pretentious, and their is a perfect blend of depressing stuff and poppish tunes. LISTEN NOW!

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[Rilo Kiley; The Execution of All Things]

holy shit. holy shit. holy shit. holy shit. holy shit. holy shit.

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[The Killers; Sam’s Town] [sendspace] [yousendit]

10:58: I hate it. It sounds like a Celine Dion album
11:30, Ok, it’s growing on me. The synthesizer is a little heavy.
1:55pm. Ok, it’s listenable. “When We Were Young” is still the best track.
4:10pm Ok, it’s growing on me. There is a futuristic, show-like quality with some good melodies.
5:15pm. I’ve been listening to it all day and deluding myself. It blows.