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300 is a film based on 300, a graphic novel by Frank Miller. If you recall, Frank Miller is also the creator of Sin City. Just like Sin City, this move looks like it is filmed in the style of a graphic novel. Thus, I am peeing my pants with anticipation.

Yes, that’s Gerard Butler, aka the Phantom of the Opera.

Is it just me, or is this the most latent gay film ever?

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I won’t see any of these.

I found this update on Dark Horizons: the status of the movies based on Chuck Palahnuik’s novels. Fight Club was amazing, Choke could be a good movie, the rest should remain as books. I can’t blame him for selling the rights; he has said that selling the Fight Club screenplay will make him comfortable for the rest of his life and he only needs to write one book a year.

Rights bought by writer/director Francis Lawrence (“Constantine). Palahniuk’s agent said he was really impressed (“it was brilliant”) in regards to their script adaptation of the story of the sole surviving member of a death cult who becomes a celebrity. Concerns have been raised in the past over the ending in which the protagonist of the novel hijacks a civil airplane and crashes it into the Australian outback.

Invisible Monsters
Jesse Peyronel has had the option for years now on the thriller about a disfigured fashion model who teams up with a transsexual to get revenge on the model’s ex-fiance and best friend. Peyronel’s apparently been casting for the film.

The story of a hustler who resorts to utilising a con at restaurants in order to support his mother’s medical bills is partially cast, and was supposed to start filming back in March. At present they’ve got Susan Sarandon for the role of the mother, but they’ve apparently lost the male lead and are working to re-cast it.

The option
was sold this year on this horror-satire about a child’s nursery book containing an African chant capable of killing anyone who it’s sung too either out loud or in one’s mind. A Swedish man who’s made his name making television commercials and music videos landed the rights. The plan is to have “Lullaby” into production in a year and a half, two years at the most.

A screenplay is set up with an Icelandic producer who’s made a bunch of Harrison Ford movies, and he’s developing it. The story follows a female artists inspired by a new wave of creativity whilst her comatose husband is being hit with lawsuits over psychotic scrawlings he left on the walls of houses he remodeled. Casting is underway.

The reality TV satire involves a frame story incorporating 23 short stories. As a result, filmmakers are still trying to decide whether to break them up and sell the stories separately, or sell the whole thing as one big package.


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Hard Candy was very hard to sit through but even harder to shut off. I’m usually not sucked in to movies like this. Ellen Paige and Patrick Wilson deserve Oscars hands down, but the academy will never recognize them. Talk about one of the worst torture scenes ever.