I reccomend.

Things I am liking/reading right now.

John Mayer’s blog. Too bad I think eveyone one of his songs sounds the same, but he is a pretty funny guy with a petty funny blog.

The Marie Antoinette Soundtrack. Looks like Sofia Coppola is pulling a Baz Luhrmann.

The Dresden Dolls myspace blog. They recount their dreadful tour with Panic! At the Disco. Well, they did decide to do a tour with them, but being booed at evey night by teenies would drive me crazy too.

Albert Hammond, Jr. of the Stokes’ solo album. And it ain’t half bad.

Heroes is picked up fo a full season. I’m just waiting for the dvd, but I hear it’s fantastic.

The cult of Klosterman. I idolize this man so much it scares me.

The uncensored Shotbus trailer. I’m still not impressed.


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