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[ Spoon; Gimme Fiction ]

If you don’t have this album, I don’t know why the fuck you’d call yourself a fan of music.

whoa boy

Some EuroDisney character actors were fired when a viral video surfaced of them simulating sex while “backstage”. Ok yea, it wasn’t a good idea to film that, but they were backstage people. So you all know I hate to talk about it, but when I worked at Disneyworld for a brief moment, much worse was done. I mean, after the Magic Kingdom closed, my fellow bakery wenches and I would run around and reak havoc. And there may or may not be pictures of me floating around making obscene gestures in front of notable landmarks in the park. Jeez, not to mention the other shit that went on. And was I fired? No, I was assigned to work a triple shift during the fucking Christian Muic festival. Great, I now I am thinking about Fall 1998 and getting the dry heaves.


CBGBs had its last show before it closed. It’s an American cultural tragedy. I understand the whole situation in that it couldn’tpay the rent or what have you. I am actually surprised some rich donor did not buy the place out.This is a place that can never be replaced. Music is no longer born in places; everything is digital. And with the state of music today, nothing is ever original so no movements can be born.

October 16, 2006

Fans of a Groundbreaking Club Mourn and Then Move On

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From Blockbuster online:

In order to provide a wholesome environment for you and your family, we do not carry films with ratings of NC-17 or X.

Excuse me, I didn’t know they were the morality police. I find this pretty fucking discriminatory, because a lot of gay films are rated NC-17, mostly because the sex is homosexual. Meanwhile they have crap like White Chicks and blood and gore flicks on there, just because they are rated R. Ha, joke’s on them, because movies that are NR are still on there. Plus, a gal’s gotta get her softcore porn from somewhere.

bass masters

As a master of the craft, the bassline is always the first thing I notice in a song. A great bassline can totally make a whole song. So far these are the best basslines I’ve encountered. Of course “Civil War Fiction Japanamation Mission” would be first on this list, but that’s copyrighted.

THE PIXIES, Gigantic

RANCID, Journey to the End of East LA

WEEZER, Only in Dreams

THE WHITE STRIPES, Seven Nation Army (ok, technically, it’s played on a rhythm guitar but it’s still a bass line)

NIRVANA, Lithium