Why Grey’s Anatomy is popular.
I hate this show so much, and I can’t stop talking about why I hate it.

The indie rock music that everyone love to hate.
Pitchfork can totally make or break a band: see Broken Social Scene, Tapes ‘n Tapes.

The problem with Christopher Guest.

Anti-fan clubs.
I could start a few of these.

In the Studio: The Academy Is.
William Beckett is really pretty.

The 50 Greatest Punk albums.
The Offspring at #5? wtf?

High School Musical on Tour
I would so go to this.

Painted By Numbers

It seems I am having multiple music orgasms this week. The Sounds have a video for “Painted By Numbers”. It’s okay, a little too much squatting for my tastes.  Could this band be hipper? Probably not. This is from my favorite album that came out this year.

Please stop.

Is nothing sacred? First the Bridget Jones sequel and now The Warriors will be remade. It could be good if it was directed by, say, David Fincher, but I have low hope. Although moving the setting to LA is good idea- if it took place in present day New York, they’s be fighting their way through condos and gentrification, and trust fund kids.

Arrested Devo

So I am late for this bandwagon, but I finally saw the first seasoon of Arrested Development. Well, with buidup that was sky-high, I guess I enjoy it. The writing is way better to most comedies on tv. I also suppose it is one of those shows where if you watch too many in a row it kind of loses its luster. But the cast has some of my faves. David Cross! Jeffrey Tambor! I love them! And Liza freakin’ Minelli! I am not sure how they can keep up the antics and keep it funny for two more seasons, but I’ll give it a try. The plots resemble Curb Your Entusiasm where something that seems random early in the episode will come back as a plot device at the end.

Speaking of CYE, I finished Season 5 and talk about losing its luster. It took me a while to warm up to the show, but now, at the 50-somethingth episode, it gets reidiculous. I mean, how many times can he find himself in awkward situations? How many strangers can he piss off? How many times can his wife get annoyed at him? It’s getting old. I think there will be a sixth season. Like Seinfeld, Larry David should learn when to quite while he’s ahead.

Living Dolls

I saw this a while ago, and have been looking for this for ages, and thank god for youtube. Living Dolls is a documentary about the child pageant circuit, focusing on one child, Swan Boomer. This thing is like a train wreck, and probably the creepiest thing ever. But, like a train wreck, you totally can’t stop watching. I am surprised Swan’s parents were not arrested for child abuse. Swan’s forced pageant smile is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Then their is her rival Leslie something, coached by a pageant manager or something. Sick. Sick and fascinating. Here are all 9 parts.

Update: here is Michael Butler’s website. Creeeeepy! Can I get arrested for looking at it?

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What would it look like if At the Drive-In were a Europop band? Amazing.

Also, time for how-the-hell-did-this-band-get-signed. There is this “band” called Hinder. What. the. fuck. is. this. garbage. The familiar cliches are there- the overdramatic facial expressions of the singer, the lit candles around the band, the black and white flashbacks, the narrative girlfriend storyline, riding the car up the coast with wind in your hair. I just barfed up my chai latte.


NME released their cool list.
I love lists, but isn’t this a bit arbitrary?

Sascha Baren Cohen will play Pirelli in the upcoming Sweeney Todd movie.

I guess I could see that.

A feature on Michael Alig, ten years later.
Have a mentioned how much I worship him?

Gwen Stefani sucks live.
Bring back No Doubt, please.

Have your kids be hipsters in training.

Breaking Character For the First Time in His Life
No one told me that a.there is a revival of Company on Broadway right now and b. Raul Esparza (my fave from Taboo) is starring and that c. he is bisexual. Always the last to know.

Interpol have begun recording their third album.

So have Ash, and so have Idlewild. Yipee!

Wassup rockers

Larry Clark, we need to talk. I used to think you were one of the most incredible filmmakers ever. So what if people call you a child pornographer. So what if all your movies include naked underage teens.  Kids and Bully changed the way I looked at film, and maybe a little bit the way I viewed culture. The films were artistic yet gritty. But then you decided to make Teenage Caveman and Ken Park, two absolute disasters of films and steaming piles of shit if I ever saw one. Then you made Wassup Rockers, and I had hope again. A film about skateboarding/punk Hispanic inner-city LA kids. Sounds like it could be good. Well, it really wasn’t. Your use of improvided dialogue, real-life actors, and usual pervy camera focus on the bodies of underage actors was certainly there, but not much else. This one was way too scripted and even tried to touch on racial and societal issues in a preachy way. E for effort, but that is not why your other films were good. They were good because they showed the decay of today’s youth, but without a message or judgement on it. For pete’s sake, you put Janice Dickinson in the movie. Please make another good movie soon so I have hope for filmmakeing. If not for anything, so I don’t have to have imaginary conversations with you on my blog.

Another Gay Movie

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It’s my fault, I was warned that it was totally terrible, but I watched it anyway. What is there to say? It was just terrible. Funny? Absolutely not. Sexy? Not even close. The icing on the cake was that it featured that tool James from the awkwardly awful Boy Meets Boy. I hate hate hate hate him.  Graham Norton, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Pack your knives and go.

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Inspired by this week’s Top Chef, Erin and decided to create a “cutting edge” Thanksgiving dinner. All vegan too. After three hours at Whole Foods and $80 later…

First course: Pumpkin, tomatillo, and bean stew
Why it’s cutting edge: well, it’s not turkey, I guess

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Main course: Tahini-marinated BBQed tofu, mashed potatoes (made with soy milk and earth spread), mushroom gravy, portabella stuffing and roasted brussel sprouts
Why it’s cutting edge: We shunned today’s fads and went with an all-carb theme

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Dessert: Cinnamon Apple Oat Crisp with Nutmeg soy whipped topping
Why it’s cutting edge: We used THREE types of apples people

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Holy crap, the kitchen was a mess and we did three loads in the dish washer after cooking for two people

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Luckily, Erin helped by licking most of the pans and plates clean.

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Grudge Stars Behr, Strickland Marry
My hopes of being Ms. Max Evans in crushed.

Ian Thorpe retires from swimming.
Oh, just comer out already!

Mike Watt collaborates with…Kelly Clarkson?!?!?!?!
I think he already lost his cred when he appeared in a Good Charlotte video, so it’s okay.

Edward Norton also cares about consumerism
But comes off as kind of pretentious.

A review of The God and the Devil are Raging Inside Me

Cuaron Wants Back In On “Potter”

Buyer Be Aware – New York Times

Mama Was a Riot Grrrl? Then Pick Up a Guitar and Play – New York Times

The Five Most Unintentionally Funny Albums
‘Tis the Season for End of the Year lists.