My Chemical Romance

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I like My Chemical Romance, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. They have pretty intense music and some pretty good theatrics and concepts about the band. I can see why they are appealing to the pre-teen emo set. But I think their latest album actually borrows from 1970s glam rock, and I can appreciate that. The Black Parade plays like an over-the-top emo rock opera. The matching outfits are a bit awkward though. It’s like Gerard Way decided they would all do it, and some of them are a little less comfortable with their bodies than he is in the form-fitting pants, and that totally shows in the awkwardness in all the photo shoots. The cool thing is that Gerard Way is now a god among his fans, and in high school he was a chubby awkward kid. I’m trying to find his yearbook photo. It’s pretty hilarious.
I wonder who is excited to go to a high school reunion!

Anyway, the album is worth a listen. You don’t have to tell anyone that you listen to “Welcome to the Black Parade” on repeat and sing along quite loudly, as I do at work sometimes.

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9 thoughts on “My Chemical Romance

  1. MCR is sooo scene ROBS! OBVI! I love them if not for their moody played out stage dramatics or their senslessly appropriated outfits then for their sheer DM-ness! Geraaaard! AAHHHH!!

  2. i love theese guys all of them!!! bob is so funny ray is a killer guitar player gerard and frank gorjuz guys and mikey!!!! a killer bass player!!! i look up to you guys!!!!!!!!!

  3. i dont think loveing mcr is bad at all noone should be ashamed of it they are like awesome as if you havnt relised!!!

  4. well, no fucking way they’re punk either. they play popular rock music, also referred to as pop-rock.

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