battlestar thoughts

I really really really hate Kara and Lee together. I thought it was supposed to be a reuniting of true love. Now Kara just wants to fool around and stay married? What an idiot. It only adds to my irritation of her. She has never grown as a character, and people still worship her and let her get away with shit. But…who can say I can blame her..oh my god would you look at Anders? Even Algae-covered….DO ME! I’ve noticed the red-headed woman that has been part of Anders’ posse since they were on Caprica. Does she get a name or storyline? I smell fanfic!

Laura Roslin just got served. Baltar is right…he did save her life, multiple times. The Olympic Carrier, curing her cancer…he’s totally misunderstood. I still think he is going to turn around and save Galactica and kidnap Hera and bring her back. She was being such a baby, leaving the meeting. Did I mention I hate her and think she is evil and has a god complex? Out of most people, I do enjoy James Callis’ acting. He did a good job of looking haggard and desperate for approval.

‘m starting to like Brother Cavil. Why wasn’t Six allowed to come to the little meeting? Maybe she didn’t have anything to wear. I also like how each of the Cylon models are starting to show their personalities. Cavil is the sarcastic one, Boomer is the pushover, Leoben is the smart one.

Finally, there was a Boomer/Athena standoff. If I were Boomer, I’d be PISSED. Athena jumped in and basically took over the life that Boomer earned. And her pilot status! Again, I am glad that Athena finally realized what an evil beast Laura Roslin is. Did I mention I hate her?

Poor Caprica Six. She was totally there for Baltar when no one else was. I think she should dump them and hook up with Anders. And then the universe will nuke itself with the pure hotness of that couple.

I like how Chief was the one to find the temple. He gets a lot of shit done but either Apollo or Starbuck always get the glory. That was a nice moment between him and Cally. I’m a little bit convinced that they totally don’t hate each other.

What is with the ground team getting all Grey’s Anatomy dramatic? Just do the fucking job.I love the Centurians, we don’t see them enough.

The writers do have their way of packing a lot of storyline into one episode. Of course we know Adama won’t nuke the planet. There needs to be a love triangle standoff with Dualla. Snore.

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