an actual nightmare

I had the most awful dream. Disney World became a traveling theme park, and took over cities and stuff wherever they went (kind of like the World’s Fair). In my dream they were “renting out” Manhattan for about a week to set up shop and rake in money from people. Well, for some reason I was forced to go every day as a tourist. It was awful. They transformed St. Mark’s in the East Village into Main Street USA and Central Park was basically destroyed so that they could install Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and that shit. Also, I kept finding myself having to appear on an awful game show being filmed at MGM studios. I remember walking around and seeing all the brainwashed employees with fake smiles and sensible haircuts. I don’t know why I have been thinking about my horrid semester working there, I had tried to forget it entirely, but it keeps coming up. Sigh. This is one dream where I actually woke up still freaked out.


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