the death of an era

The church that formerly housed the Limelight will become…get this…a mini-mall.  What does Michael Alig think? This is the offical end of an era. I am kind of done with New York. Between this and the closing of CBGBs, shitty chick flicks being turned into broadway shows, and no more Tower Records, nyc is no longer nyc. Maybe crime and homelessness are lessened, but you can’t walk anywhere without seeing million dollar condos being built, and pottery barns opening on every corner.

2 thoughts on “the death of an era

  1. Well when I last spoke to Michael at his release party, he was all “Life is a giant shopping mall” and I was all “This totally reafirms my theory that America’s equivalent to Europe’s cathedrals is our shopping malls.” Then we both did poppers and rode around in Gitzy’s wheelchair while she laid on the floor eating hostess snowballs. Has anyone heard from James?

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