final list

Ok, since it is 2 weeks until the year is over, I’ve finalized my year-end list of albums. There is no way in hell I can put them in order individually, so I put them in tiers. I’ve reuploaded the top tier here so you can make sure you listen to them. They are in no particular order.

I’d like to note the particular artists that are absent: Arctic Monkeys, Keane (sorry Andrew), The Knife, TV on the Radio, Mxpx, the Decemberists, Tapes ‘N Tapes, Hot Chip, The Hold Steady.

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The Sounds; Dying to Say This to You. [Here]. Eighties new-wave, keyboards and male/female vocals. Some of the best melodies ever. And who would have guessed it from a band from Sweden? This band often gets lumped into the “The” bands category, but is way better. I actually first head this in October 2005, and it by far surpassed anything since then.

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Shiny Toy Guns; We Are Pilots. [here] Surprisingly, another throwback to the eighties new-wave electronic pop music. Listen to “Rainy Monday” and tell me you don’t like it, I’ll pay you a million dollars. This album makes me feel like I am a club kid hanging out with James St. James.

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The Thermals; The Body, the Blood, the Machine. [here] I somehow always forget momentarily that the Thermals are one of my favorite bands. Actually, Fuckin’ A was also my favorite album of 2004. This album pretty much sounds the same- if it’s not broken, why fix it? Grungy. loud, fast tempo. Perfection.

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Muse; Black Holes and Revelations. [here] I have talked about this one enough, I am not sure what else to say. It’s a fucking rock opera staduim album.

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The Rapture; Pieces of the People We Love. [link coming soon] Best beats and dance funk, using nothing but guitars and drums.

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The Veils; Nux Vomica. [here]They’re from New Zealand. They’re awesome. I don’t know much more. This is like the soundtrack to an amazing suicide note.

Also, check out last year’s list. Silent Alarm would still be high on my list.


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