singles of the year, p.3

Remember, all songs are uploaded here. Check out part one and part two.

  • Muse, “Starlight”. Along with the Killers, the best song of the year. In fact, of the last 5 years.
  • Taking Back Sunday, “Liar” TBS bring the angst.
  • The Strokes, “You Only Live Once” Many say they’ve lost it. They will always be the band that changed the way I appreciate music. This song still captures why they are so great.
  • Under the Influence of Giants, “In the Clouds”: If the BeeGees still made music…
  • We Are Scientists, “The Great Escape”. Nerd rock.
  • Ratatat, “Kennedy” Their stuff is instrumental and come from the same samples, but my god each song is amazing.
  • Hannah Montana, “Best of Both Worlds” Be warned, it’s not the first Disney Channel single on my list.

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