Don’t fuck with Sweeney Todd


British funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN’s singing has reportedly been cut from TIM BURTON’s forthcoming SWEENEY TODD movie, because it’s so bad. The BORAT and ALI G creator plays SIGNOR ADOLFO PIRELLI – the arch-rival of JOHNNY DEPP’s SWEENEY TODD, The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street – in the big screen version of the hit musical. British newspaper The Sun reports Burton has given Cohen permission to rap his songs, because his singing voice isn’t good enough. A film insider says, “Pirelli is a notoriously demanding role with some difficult songs. “Any professional singer would struggle. So Sacha has been told to go for a rap style. It will be a bit like JIM BROADBENT’s performance in MOULIN ROUGE!. That won him a BAFTA. “Sacha is going to do a fantastic job but he couldn’t cut it with the singing. His voice was too low.”

This is some bullshit. I was already weary of the Tim Burton-remake of the musical. Sweeney Todd is very near and dear to my heart, and when you fuck with it, I take it personally. Uh, his part is that of an opera singer- and now you take away the singing? Second of all, the numbers with Pirelli are some of the best of the show. If he can’t sing it- fine someone who can! Borat already finished his fifteen minutes, stop trying to capitalize on that. Ugh.


One thought on “Don’t fuck with Sweeney Todd

  1. Ditto on the title!

    At first I was excited to see Burton’s take on Sweeney Todd, but after hearing that they are being so careless with Sondheim’s masterpiece, I’m afraid that they will ruin it. I can understand Burton wanting to partner up with Depp again, but stunt-casting Borat (who can’t even sing!) shows a lack of respect to the whole work.

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