The Last Kiss

Why did I watch The Last Kiss? Maybe it was morbid curiosity, just like when I forced myself to watch Elizabethtown. Also, it’s a movie about the trials and tribs of turning 30, so maybe I thought there was tiny sliver of truth I could relate to. What the fuck was I thinking? This was boring shmoring, Zach Braff whining and plotzing through the movie, dealing with his girl troubles and kee-crazy friends. The characters had no depth, no personalities, and it was a wonder any of them had relationships. The one thing that freaked me out was that his friend was played by the same actor who played the crack addice who kidnapped and tortured David on Six Feet Under. No one should ever allow him to make other movies ever!

But still. Please. I always wonder when movies like this are filmed, doesn’t somebody say something? Like the gaffer or someone in catering let someone know what they are filming is awful?


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