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I wasn’t going to blog about how the rape charges were dropped against the Duke Lacrosse team because the women because what happened wasn’t considered sexual assault. I didn’t even know how to begin about my feelings about it. Luckily, Slate has a good article.

The Duke rape case prosecutor must be stopped. – By Emily Bazelon – Slate Magazine


8 thoughts on “Duke LAX

  1. It doesn’t seem like the charges were dropped because what happened wasn’t technically considered sexual assault, I think they were dropped because there’s no evidence to suggest any of what she said happened, actually took place.

    “she has repeatedly asserted that she endured violent penile penetration. She said this to the first doctor who saw her, to the sexual-assault nurse, to the sexual-assault doctor, to detectives and in her own handwritten statement to the police.”

    Now she says none of that may have happened. Along with all the evidence that was mentioned in the article, it looks like those guys are innocent to everything she accused them of.

  2. I can’t forget that disgusting misogynist email that one of the guys sent around to the team about that night. I think there are also other issues going on here, and it is hard to ignore how the fact that she was a black woman with not a lot of means and can’t afford the defense team that the men had.

  3. I def agree with that and I think it was you who had a great related article back then about the culture of sports, lacrosse specifically and how it breeds and encourages the assholeness typical of those types of guys but I just wish that in this case, in all cases really, people were actually innocent until proven guilty. Jumping the gun is what got us into Iraq after all.

  4. Yea, I am all for letting the legal system run its course, because right now that is all we have to rely on, but the media and other people’s perceptions have definitely had an affect on this one. I try to keep hope that the legal system will be fair, but I am pessimistic about that.

  5. No doubt it’s infuriating when the system fails, hello OJ, but as I read this morning on the subway “it’s of more importance to community that innocence should be protected, than it is, that guilt should be punished.” My man J Adams. Just think of all those poor black men who without the ability to pay for a DNA test until recently have sat in jail for crimes they didn’t commit. Oh well, sure am glad I’m white.

    Robin please stop with this noise. MORE HOT INDIE BOYZ NOW!
    MORE DOWNLOADS!! Umm when are you comming to NYC? I’m starting a new blog, pervout.wordpress.com.
    I’m mapping the best places to sit and scream “DM” to passerbyes.

  7. We’re not fighting. We are lamenting on how everything sucks. I just can’t get past the fact that if you have enough money and power, you can essentially buy your way out of responsibility.

    I have been rully bad with the hot indie boyz blog. I’ll try to be better.

    I am tentatively coming to nyc during MLK weekend. I def. want to see Spring Awakening and perv out on a park bench or something. And maybe catch some mock wang at the ucb.

  8. thanks for the link to a good article re: role of the prosecutor. i think i took a class on that last year, law school, ya know?

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