sorry we’re closed

I’m headed to Florida for the week, and blogging capabilities are iffy. I am not sure how you are going to manage, but you’ll have to figure something out. I’ll be back next Thursday.

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11 thoughts on “sorry we’re closed

  1. I’m still internet accesible, but I am on my parents computer so I can’t exactly be downloading half nekkid pics of William Beckett. Email me stuff and I will post it fer sher.

    Did you watch Dirt?

  2. Goo William Beckett! Wait why can’t you do that in front of your parents? Are you not out to them as a heterosexual? I think by now they now Ms.

  3. I don’t know. I love Cort Cox, but I am not sure how they can get a whole series out of it. Plus, I think they wanted a show where they can use “shit” and “cum”.

    And the schizo photog?

    I like the guy she hooked up with.

    Of course, I’ll watch it again. But I can’t see myself really identifying or feeling for the characters.

    I’ve also started watching “Rome” on dvd. I luuuuv it. It’s really gay.

  4. We’re watching Dirt right now. I’m impressed that the first scene is shot in a locale I’ve hung out at: the rooftop bar of the Hotel Standard in downtown L.A. It’s so two years ago though.

  5. I kinda feel like Courtney Cock’s character was more schizoid than the photographer. One minute she’s a bitch on wheels, the next she’s anguishing over the death of a starlet whose career was ruined by “Dirt.” And that text-messaging scene during the editorial meeting? That was just silly. Nevertheless, I think I’ll give the show another try.

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