Dirty Little Secret

I haven’t revealed any guilty pleasures lately.

If you are prodicing a sexy teen romp movie or show, you are under contract to use “Dirty Little Secret” in the promo or movies. If you have a scene in a primetime show or MTV docu-reality show that includes someone trying to feel empowered and the rights the KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” is too expensive, use “Move Along”. Really, this album is pretty catchy.

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I don’t know why people didn’t like Madonna’s latest album, I think it’s her best since the 80s. Maybe because it’s similar to eighties dance. I also love the recent look and concept.

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[MADONNA; Confessions on a Dance Floor]


2 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secret

  1. I liked Confessions, but I’d rate it solidly in the middle of her 11 albums. 1) Prayer, 2) Light, 3) Music, 4) Blue, 5) Virgin, 6) Confessions, 7) Erotica, 8) Madonna, 9) Bedtime, 10) Breathless, 11) Life.

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