Alright, I gave it another try, but it was already dead on arrival. When your friendly neighborhood schizo started doing a jaunty voiceover, I knew it was over. What a mess. What was the storyline? Getting baby photos of that couple? It barely came to a conclusion. And NO ONE EVER came up with the idea of combining the two magazines before this moment? Sorry Courtney C-A, I tried.


2 thoughts on “Drrrrrt

  1. The pilot episode had me entertained for 30 minutes, but their was way too much screentime for the schizo pap and the story got old.

    Do you watch Heroes? Best show on TV, period.

  2. yeah i agree..i couldn’t handle it. after the first 20 minutes i got up and went back into my room to read my taxation text, which was definitely more interesting…

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