I’m back

Yea, so I’m back from my trip to Florida to visit my parents, and I could include all the family drama that happened, but who want to hear my serious issues on this thing? We did take a trip to Miami and South Beach, and that was really fun. I think I actually could live in Miami. Miami Beach, however, it a little out of control and not for me. The city of Miami, now hear me out, actually reminds me of DC. DC if it were tropical. Miami Beach is almost a cartoon, and a parady of a town with nightlife.

Another good thing is that I was in the mood to go shopping and actually got a lot of stuff to wear during interviews. This took tons of stress off, because I hate shopping and I hate shopping for suits. It’s such a farce. I will never wear a suit to any job on any day, so why conform to dome standard? It’s like I’m back at Disney World, being called a Jezebel for wearing earrings more than an inch long.

Another thing I did was watch the first season of Rome. It totally gave me a PBR*. Oh my god, it is amazing. It has everything I love in a show: power struggles, political dilemnas, loyalty/treason, battle scenes, comradery, awesome villains, and great period costumes. Actually, it reminds of of Battlestar Galactica, the story arcs and themese are very similar if you think about it. Plus, beautiful people in togas. Of course, it is with flaws. There was that one random episode in Egypt where Cleopatra is a nympho opium addict. Also, some storylines escalate way too quickly (Brutus goes from playing chess with Caesar in one episode to assasinating him in the next). Also, I can’t ignore that the women (the non-nobility) are repeatedly abused and treated like shit. I guess it is authentic to the times. Although itdoes who how they use extremem relational aggression in contrast to the mindless physical aggression all the men use. I’m so excited for the second season, since it will focus on Octavian and Marc Antony (two of the best characters). Anyway, watch it! Watch it! Watch it!

*PBR = pop culture boner


One thought on “I’m back

  1. my roommate and i were talking about buying the first season of Rome and watching it because it looked really good. that is definitely going to be on my “to watch” list.

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