this is a post about Fall Out Boy

I don’t know. Fall Out Boy may be losing their oldest fan in the world (me). I am looking forward to the new record, but they are acting like douches. First, they are pimping out themselves to a corporate sponsor. Then Peen Wentz decides he is too cool to play the bass during a song and would rather prance in front of fans. Well, they don’t care if people don’t like them. I guess it’s all about the music, huh? I still like their new songs, so we’ll see. Let the hatemail begin.


One thought on “this is a post about Fall Out Boy

  1. Hey :)

    I know, old post and everything, but I think me and my friend are the oldest fans of Fall Out Boy (our age is in the latter part of the days you see on a calendar!) It’s getting tiring, this hiding of our guilty pleasure.

    I don’t like it that their tweenie fans don’t even know what their lyrics are about, or how they even started. I can’t claim to be an expert on music, but at least I know WHY I like Fall Out Boy (and it doesn’t have anything to do with their looks..for the life of me, I CANNOT see myself typing LOL!OMG,pete iz sooo hawt, beeatch!)

    A few questions, from one non-tweenie fan to another:

    1. Now that Pete seems to be happy, am I the only one worried that there might be a love song dedicated to Ashlee in the next album?
    2. What direction do you think would the next album take this time? I admit, I was pretty surprised at the Babyface collaboration (who’s next, Elvis Costello?)

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