I just…

…bought really cute shoes.

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Speaking of consumerism culture, there is some pretty fucked up stuff going on. We are what we buy.


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I think I had a tougasm when I realized Dane Cook’s Tourgasm was on dvd. Now, I find about 18% of Dane Cook’s stuff pretty funny, the rest just him jumping around and metaphorically swinging his cock around. Or physically. And I am kind of annoyed at myself that I find him attractive. Anyway, this combines two of my favorite things: docu-reality shows and stand-up comedy. (Stand up comedian is one of my fantasy jobs, along with music journalist and forensic anthropologist) Well, being a stand-up comedian is not so much of of a fantasy seeing some of the CRAP that the other three comics had in their set. Seriously. There’s nothing I hate more than bad stand-up comedy. Anyway, I was excited about the series because I wanted to see more footage of their acts along with maybe, I don’t know, some insights into the world of being a comic? Not so much. It’s Dane Cook trying to show what a crazy and fun guy he is off stage, and some boring pranks they pull on each other, and stupid arguments they have, about who talks about sex too much, who is late to brunch, and generally acing like five year olds. What a vanity project. It made me come out of it thinking that Dane Cook is a megalomaniac and a complete asshole. If he wasn’t the center of attention at all time, he threw a temper tantrum. Riveting television.

bad videos

The best thing about me getting back into my gym routine is that I can consume more bad videos! This band Saosin seriously sucks. The video has montages of their photoshoot. That alone is a crime. And then there are other scenes of the band “goofing off”. The video is filmed like a high school video yearbook. I’ll bet they had someone strategically spray sweat on them for the live concert scene. HATE!

Even funnier is that the band can’t even pronounce their own name correctly!

The way to pronounce Saosin has been a topic of intense debate among fans. Despite Anthony Green’s explanation that it came from the Chinese proverb meaning “small heart” and that he, the one responsible for the name choice, pronounced it “say-ocean”, the current members of the band primarily pronounce it “Say-Oh-Sin”, meaning either pronunciation is widely considered acceptable.