Barry from East Enders

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Well, this was long-awaited. Of course, nothing can compare to The Office. It was enjoyable, but it didn’t seem too original. Ricky Gervais is of course great at improvising putting himself in awkward situations, and as David Brent it was all part of the world he created, but here, again, it seems so forced. Kind of like Curb Your Enthusiasm. In The Office, it was both funny and you actually cared about the characters. It was over the top, but you could believe it. Here, it’s just random situations that seem quite unbelievable. How many times can you make some unfortunate un-PC comment and then bluster your way through an apology? Both have six episodes per season, but by the end of the first season of each, I felt more sucked into The Office. Oh well, comparisons are useless.

Maggie is pretty funny and adorable. She and Ricky Gervais have good chemistry. She is also a character that makes me feel good about soon turning 30.

I’m glad to see Stephen Merchant is actually appearing in the show. He is HI-larious as the agent. He may actually be funnier than Ricky Gervais.

6 thoughts on “Barry from East Enders

  1. Ahhh! Are you kidding me!?!?! I don’t see any talent in Steven Merchant at all. He’s that guy that just stands next to his funny friend, laughing at whatever is said without much thought. No originality to come up with anything on his own. Maybe I just see myself in him.

  2. Steven Merchant? The pod casts are where I learned to dislike him. He just sat there laughing like an idiot. The little he did talk, he recited whatever point of view Ricky had already made. And when it turned out Ricky was being sarcastic, he would abruptly change opinions.

  3. Hmmm…I think he is more genuine funny, while Ricky Gervais is always telling a “joke” or doing a gag. Remember the bit they did where they were talking about the scientist who invented the sex machine? omg I died.

    Is this like the fight we had over the Duke rape case? BLOGFIGHT!

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