my battlestar thoughts

Well, although it was an intermediary show just moving along plot points, it had some interesting twists. The good thing about the show is that when a plot turn happens, it happens right away and nothing is drawn out. For instance, last week, in the span of five minutes, Gaeta deciphered some astronomy research and predicted a supernova on the algae planet. Then, this week, the star went supernova and we saw it. No predicitions, no build-up, just got to it. Although it was cheesy looking.

Ok, Anders sweaty and dirty? More, please.

I am so DONE with this Lee/Kara thing. They are both unlikeable and selfish to me, I’m not rooting for them. Actually, why don’t they get together and then go off somewhere and leave the show.

The final five cylon thing. Number Three apologized to whoever it was, so it was someone she had wronged. That could be anyone. My bet is Anders, Tigh, or Helo.

And they boxed her model! Woo-hoo! Does that mean Lucy Lawless’ contract is up? I hope so.

Love love love Caprica Six. At first her model seemed shallow and only had a talent for seduction, but now she is way more deep and awesome. I’ve always liked Baltar’s “guardian angel” Six, but now the real life one is most likely going to save everyone.

It is sad to see Boomer giving up hope on any part of her human life. Who could blame her? I would be mad at Athena too for taking over the life that she had wanted.

Speaking of couples, I never had a thing for tv couples, I never rooted for Ross/Rachel, McDreamy/McSkinny, because I never cared. I always think couples on tv are vapid, uninteresting, and not really in love with each other. But Baltar/Caprica Six are like my favorite tv couple ever. Thank god D’Anna is gone now. That threesome skeeved me out. If they don’t end up together, the whole writing on the show is seriously flawed.

I have a feeling we are going to see more Baltar torture scenes.

Laura Roslin: condescending, evil, and dictator-like. Hate her. When will everyone else catch on to her? Helo should have clocked her.

Next week: it turns into Dawson’s Creek. I may skip it. Get that shit over with and then continue to blow stuff up.


5 thoughts on “my battlestar thoughts

    It was my first ever complete viewing experience of the Gallactica! I was fixated on the weirdo crib with the baby in it expecting your face to pop up.

    I’m going to watch next week because I need to see the faces of the final 5.

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